Fall Income Report 2018

In all my years spent blogging and writing out blog posts, it has finally dawned on me to write my first income report!

I know you are probably curious to know just HOW MUCH money one can profit from blogging.

I love reading income reports from other bloggers, too.

My friend and fellow blogger Morgan always details her income reports on a monthly basis and I love checking up on her results. She has phenomenal success on some platforms while I've seen barely anything in terms of earning a profit from the same sites!

However, I've found my own sources of income on other various networks as stated below in my full report.

Keep reading to find out what those are!

We have curious minds and the blogging industry is still so new that it can be confusing for most people to understand how to turn blogging into a full-fledged career to those don't have Internet jobs.

lulu's corduroy dress for fall

I've written a few previous posts on "How to Build a Blog on a Budget" and "Sharing my Blogging Journey" but I'm finally opening up about profits regarding the money I make each month from blogging.

You should also refer back to my latest post describing my daily schedule as a blogger which will pinpoint where I allocate all of my blogging time.

Why Am I Sharing My Income Report?

You may be wondering why I've finally decided to open up about getting paid for the content I produce.

Well, ever since my blog turned into something more than just a side hustle, I've wanted to become transparent about the industry.

Yes, I use affiliate links to make a small commission from a purchase you make on my blog or Instagram pages. I have a disclosure policy on the top of my blog if you wish to learn more about this process.

How Do You Make Money With Affiliate Links?

However, I don't rely solely on affiliate links to make an income. I am constantly e-mailing and pitching to brands at all hours of the day to potentially establish new relationships with my favorite designers, department stores, and beauty products.

I want to share my first income report with you to show you an exact break down of my expenses and my revenue. I have been blogging for over four years now, yet I've only recently started to see a great return on my investments (hello, Econ degree terminology!).

As someone who also works for an SEO company, I know how important it is to seek multiple revenue streams of income. I am part of many influencer marketing platforms to work with some amazing companies to create beautiful content together.

income report affordable by amanda fall 2018

PRO TIP: Get yourself on any platform you can! All of them! Don't hesitate to join 5-8 different sites to earn an income from each platform on a monthly basis. Don't sell yourself short, either.

Be confident with your media rates and STOP. TAKING. FREE. PRODUCTS. 

This is one of my big blogger tips as someone who started out accepting anything and everything. Once you begin accepting free products, you are essentially telling the brand that you don't need any payment for the hard work you have done for them.

It's not worth your time if you put in 100% and only receive compensation in the form of a dainty sugar scrub. Trust me. I've been there, done that, just don't succumb to the millions of scams online!

affordable by amanda wearing lulu's corduroy dress for fall


Total: $480


Note: I track my income as it is earned, not as it is paid out.

Most programs that I belong to do not pay out for 30 days or until they hit a certain exact dollar amount.

Even as a campaign finishes, you may not get paid until anywhere from 30-90 days after the campaign is completed.

Total: $5,095

My goals for the next quarter of 2018 are to continue boosting traffic to my site using Pinterest and to grow my Instagram account to 50,000 followers.

I think Pinterest has the potential to make your blog posts go viral if they have the right combination of graphics and content.

I used to let my Pinterest account sit and I would wait around for others to interact with my pins. Simply letting the pins do the work for me is not the answer. I will pin the pretty pictures that I create using Canva onto many of the group boards I am included in.

My Instagram page has some work to be done. Although my page has 27,000 followers, I would like to increase this number by the end of the year. It's difficult to grow your Instagram page right now, but I am determined to push past the problems with the algorithm and fight on!

I need to make sure my feed looks consistent! I struggle with photo editing that flows and looks cohesive because I am constantly looking at other bloggers' feeds and feeling inspired to switch things up. Blame it on my creative genes.

I flip-flop between a few editing styles and I hope I can focus on choosing the best edits for my feed in the future. My goal is to hit 50,000 followers by the end of December.

Do you track your own income reports as a blogger? 
Let me know in the comments!

Hotel Review: Hyatt Place St.Pete/Downtown

Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of staying overnight at The Hyatt Place St. Pete/Downtown.

I hope you were able to catch up with my adventures at the hotel via my Instagram Stories, as I spent most of my time documenting my stay on there.

See what I loved about this hotel and why you should consider staying here in the near future.

The Hotel Location

The location of this hotel is prime if you plan on going out at night in Downtown St. Pete.

The hotel is located across the street from Jannus Live, a popular live music venue.  Even if you don't have concert tickets to enjoy the music from the front row, you can easily listen on at The Hyatt Place for a similar experience.

You also won't need your car at all when you stay here! Park your car in their parking garage and explore the city on your feet.

Simply put on your best pair of walking shoes, or heels in my case, and start walking down Central Ave to find some bars and restaurants for the evening.

The location of The Hyatt Place in St. Pete is unparalleled. Compared to other hotels in the area, this one has the closest distance to nightlife, such as MacDinton's and The One Night Stand.

The Hotel Rooms

As you search for affordable hotels in the St. Petersburg area, be sure to add The Hyatt Place to the top of your list.

Each of the 175 rooms is available to accommodate you and your guests! All of the rooms offer insane high-rise views of downtown, no matter where your room is located for the duration of your stay.

The rooms feature a Hyatt Grand Bed, flat-screen TV, mini fridge, air conditioning, and our room had a cozy corner sleeper-sofa. The rooms are sophisticated, clean, modern, and offer tons of space for you to spread out!

The Hotel Amenities

Free Wi-Fi is a must in 2018.

The Hyatt Place offers complimentary Wi-Fi with your stay, and it's fast.

You can also access a giant pool on the seventh floor. Pack your favorite bathing suit to take a peaceful morning dip, like I did during my stay!

The pool sits on the rooftop outdoors so you can soak up plenty of sun as you lounge on one of their many expandable chairs.

They have towels and restrooms available near the pool, too. I wore THIS BATHING SUIT from Target, by the way! It's a new one-piece cut out suit.

The gym/fitness center also waits for you if you plan on getting in a quick workout before choosing your dinner destination for the night. The stunning city views of St. Pete will capture your attention while you lift weights for sure!

I did not check out the gym during my stay, but I'm sure it has your standard equipment for the perfect workout experience.

The Hotel Food

The HYBar offers a variety of tasty treats for you to snack on for lunch.

My sister and I tried one of their signature drinks, the Pink Streets Sparkler, and it tasted delicious paired with our BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders and Meatball Sliders.

Try one of their handmade cocktails and look over the menu before you decide on the right meal to feed you and your family or significant other.

The HYBar is located on the first floor of the hotel, so you easily stop by for a bite or drink during your stay. The bar opens at 4 p.m. and we were lucky enough to listen to live music on Friday night.

The drinks are also great if you want to experience a taste of locally crafted brews. On tap, you can find some favorite beers from Green Bench Brewing Co, a local brewery in town.

Free breakfast, anyone? If you wake up in time you can experience a buffet of classic breakfast items waiting for you down in the lobby. I started my morning right with a dip in the pool before heading down to grab breakfast in the lobby.

I had some freshly flipped pancakes, oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt in addition to a hot cup of my favorite Tazo green tea.

Add The Hyatt Place to your list of favorite hotels in the St. Pete area. The staff was welcoming and told me exactly what to expect during my stay. I would recommend Hyatt Place if you are traveling for business or pleasure!

Thank you to The Hyatt Place for hosting me for the night! All opinions are my own.