tie dye

This look features one of my favorite tie dye skirts! It was actually white and navy but unfortunately turned into a dark and light blue from the wash (oops!). The bow bag is an old classic item of mine. I bought it a long time ago from H&M. My basic black tee is from an H&M sale. The shoes I am wearing are from a local beach shop. They are from the designer Lindsay Phillips. The shoes are super cool because you can switch out the bands on the top of the shoe. The shoe brand offers a crazy variety of straps to complete any outfit. The ones I have on in this outfit have cute anchors!  

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how to get the j. crew look for less

The 'J.Crew Look' can be associated with the staple wardrobe of many preppy fashionistas who covet their chinos and button downs. It can also include a mix of upbeat colors and prints, jersey knits, metallic accents, and menswear inspired pieces. This look is often achieved by swimming through the racks of freshly pressed linens for the perfect dress, or choosing your favorite colored cashmere sweater. In order to pull off the signature J.Crew style, I have put together some ideas to inspire your inner prepster. 

1. J.Crew Factory 
Shopping at the factory store is the perfect way to save a ton of money and buy the same exact items that they carry in the regular J.Crew. With sales usually marking down prices to roughly 40% off, the factory is your new best friend in terms of shopping smart to achieve the style you want. Look for additional mark downs twice a year, and sign up for the e-mails if you want to save even more!

2. Less is more
Well, this is a tough tip to follow! I know how hard it is to resist buying everything at the stores that you feel like suit your style, but finding a few well fitted pieces will be better than buying a bunch of the same thing. Instead of purchasing a basic piece, try to find a unique item that can add some color or texture to an outfit. That way you can utilize the unique piece and pair it with a Forever 21 tank top or Target printed top to create your own spin on the J.Crew look.  

3. Get inspired
Follow some great bloggers who shop down the J.Crew isle and get ideas from their purchases. You don't necessarily have to go out and buy the same thing, but if you take a picture of his/her outfit and walk into a different store with that outfit in mind you can pick up a few pieces to recreate it! Check out Pinterest, Facebook, or search under some preppy hashtags on Instagram or Tumblr. Some of my personal favorites are: thecollegeprepster, and sarahbelle93x.

4. Use your student discount
Quite possibly one of the greatest perks about being a young college student is the fact that a lot of stores give student discounts. J.Crew will give you 15% off (!!) which is amazing and makes shopping a little less stressful on your financials.

5. Shop online
Sometimes you can score better deals by shopping online instead of in the store. If you find something you love online, they can usually offer you smaller shipping fees and it can get to your door really fast. Online sales can also include a larger selection, too!

I hope these tips are helpful!! Let me know what your tips are for shopping on a budget below!

overalls are not just for kids!

So if you were a young child of the 90s era, you might have worn some Osh Kosh B'gosh (okay, I love saying that name!) overalls.One of my good friends L and I went to the Dali museum the other day. It was super hot and just typical Florida but this outfit worked out nicely for something with denim. Well, like most fashion trends, overalls are one of the latest to cycle back into stores. I knew I wanted to try out this look--but wear it in an updated way. Pairing my overalls from Wal Mart with a cute striped crop top made the outfit look more polished and less frumpy. Overalls are definitely something you have to try out for the summer season. Finding the right pair was difficult! It took some time before I was looking through Wal Mart and found a bunch of styles; dark wash, light wash, ripped, etc.
Outfit Total:$29.98
Overalls: $15.00
Top: $5.00
Shoes: $9.98
Would you try the overalls trend? Let me know in the comments what you think :)

favorite nail polishes

nail polish
1. Essie Tart Deco
This is a gorgeous peachy orange color. I usually apply this in the beginning of the summertime. It has a great formula and lasts for a long time. I only need to apply two coats of this because it is an Essie nail polish and those are very dense and full of product (which is also why they cost more which is a bummer! but luckily you get what you pay for). Normally I purchase my nail polish at Wal-mart or CVS, but recently I found a great deal on Essie polishes at Marshall's! They only sold for $4.99 and had some beautiful colors to choose from. I picked up "Boxer Shorts", which I wore in previous posts.

2. Sinful Colors Mint Apple
In comparison to the Essie favorite "Mint Candy Apple", this Sinful Colors polish is a fabulous dupe! Found at Walgreen's, this color is a nice tint of green. It applies in about three coats and finishes very nicely. I highly recommend this brand as a cheaper alternative to Essie polishes.

3. L'Oreal Paris After Hours
This dark blue is perfect for when you want to wear a dark polish but not as harsh as black. The blue really looks great in the sunlight--the color becomes more prominent and looks even better than a black polish would. One of my favorite colors is navy, and this polish adds that into any outfit. This polish is also a dupe for Essie's "After School Boy Blazer".

4. DS Extravagance
This polish I received when I went to Aveda and got a manicure done. A few years ago, Aveda used to send you home with the nail polish that you chose for the service! This was a fantastic idea because if a nail chipped you could just re-apply the polish and save your manicure. You also saved a lot on the polish (about $8 or $9!) because they had a deal with OPI. Sadly, this deal has ended but I was able to hold onto a few polishes. This one is my favorite--it has glitter in silver, purple, and pink tints.

Thanks for reading!! What are your favorite polishes? Let me know in the comments!
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knit & floral outfit

This is my outfit for today! I went out to dinner and threw on a comfy skirt and matching purple tank top. I added in my white knit kimono because I knew it was going to be chilly. The skirt is from another Plato's Closet clearance sale! It was only $2. My necklace is my favorite statement piece at the moment. Little back story-- I was in Old Navy in New York and this necklace was the last one of its kind. I saw a similar style and was able to get the necklace I wanted for that price, which happened to be $7! It helps to talk to sales associates and let them know that you are interested in purchasing an item and show them the closest match possible (This may not work every time, but it doesn't hurt to try!).
Outfit Total: $33.80
Top: $1.80
Necklace: $7.00
Skirt: $2.00
Cardigan: $5.00
Shoes: $18.00
What is your favorite statement piece? Let me know in the comments below!
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casual preppy look

Today I went out to shop and eat with friends. We ate at Panera and I had the BBQ Chicken flatbread and Lemon Orzo soup which is my favorite. My outfit includes a floral shirt from Old Navy, Forever 21 shorts, my rose gold Sperry shoes, and my Longchamp bag. 
Top: Old Navy clearance sale $10
Shorts: Forever 21 clearence sale $6.29 (From 12.80, extra 30%)
Shoes: $18 at resell store Plato's Closet
Bag: Lonchamp $16 at resell store Plato's Closet

Oxford Exchange Outfit of the Day

American Eagle top (old), New York & Company shorts (old), Anne Klein watchH&M bag, Target sandals in gold

My sister had never been to The Oxford Exchange in Tampa before, so we decided to detour our trip to the mall in order to grab a snack and check out this amazing restaurant. This place has a lot of nifty rooms with specific purposes. One acts as a bookstore, one is a gift shop with black and white picture books of London and New York, one is a sit down restaurant, and one is a bar. I normally would have dressed up a bit for an outing to The Oxford Exchange but we we had intentions of heading to the mall, so my #OOTD is very casual. I purchased my top from one of my favorite resell stores Plato's Closet. They usually have super sales a few times a year and the clearance racks are packed with amazing steals (this shirt, for example, was only $1). My shorts were purchased from the outlet New York & Company for around $9. My bag was on sale for $10. My Anne Klein watch was my first 'adult' watch and I highly suggest this brand because they are priced relatively cheap (especially compared to Michael Kors) and are long lasting. My sandals were very recently purchased from Target for $9.98 (and are so, so comfortable may I add). 

What are some of your favorite go-to restaurants? Let me know in the comments below! 

Crazy Affordable H&M Sales

H&M sales

White boho shirt Creme top, Paris tank top, Black kimono

H&M is having an additional 50% off clearance sale in their stores, and I took advantage of that this past week! I personally am drawn to this store because of its original designs, eccentric patterns, and affordability. These items were all originally priced at well over $20 each, yet during this sale I was able to purchase them for an extremely low price. The first creme draped blouse is great paired with skinny jeans and heels. The blue tank top has Eiffel towers on it which is super cute! The black zebra printed kimono was a bold purchase for me, but ultimately I bought it imagining it paired with a casual denim look. The bohemian white shirt fit extremely well and made me feel very comfortable. These sales were too good not to pick up a few new additions to my closet. Keep checking back for more looks and updates!

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Blue Bohemian

H&M Kaftan (similar), Target sandals, Coach purse, Nail polish: hands-Essie "Boxer Shorts"; toes-Essie "Haute in the Heat"

This look includes a trendy bohemian inspired kaftan dress from H&M. This store is having an incredible additional half off clearance that my best friend told me about! I quickly found a few new pieces to add to my wardrobe that I will feature in the next few looks. This dress is flowy and the polyester material is perfect for the Florida heat. It has small embroidered leaves and ties at the waist. The sandals are on sale for $9.98 at Target and are going to become a summer staple item.  

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The Start

This casual yet dressy outfit works for an afternoon by the beach. A simple black halter top paired with a patterned midi skirt. The most comfortable shoes that I have purchased in the past two months are pictured. Flojos ($10) have a great amount of support and a foam material that makes walking around very comfortable. I bought this pair from Ross Dress for Less. I hope you enjoy following my journey on this blog! I am planning on updating very often. Stay tuned for more looks at affordable prices.