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how to get the j. crew look for less

The 'J.Crew Look' can be associated with the staple wardrobe of many preppy fashionistas who covet their chinos and button downs. It can also include a mix of upbeat colors and prints, jersey knits, metallic accents, and menswear inspired pieces. This look is often achieved by swimming through the racks of freshly pressed linens for the perfect dress, or choosing your favorite colored cashmere sweater. In order to pull off the signature J.Crew style, I have put together some ideas to inspire your inner prepster. 

1. J.Crew Factory 
Shopping at the factory store is the perfect way to save a ton of money and buy the same exact items that they carry in the regular J.Crew. With sales usually marking down prices to roughly 40% off, the factory is your new best friend in terms of shopping smart to achieve the style you want. Look for additional mark downs twice a year, and sign up for the e-mails if you want to save even more!

2. Less is more
Well, this is a tough tip to follow! I know how hard it is to resist buying everything at the stores that you feel like suit your style, but finding a few well fitted pieces will be better than buying a bunch of the same thing. Instead of purchasing a basic piece, try to find a unique item that can add some color or texture to an outfit. That way you can utilize the unique piece and pair it with a Forever 21 tank top or Target printed top to create your own spin on the J.Crew look.  

3. Get inspired
Follow some great bloggers who shop down the J.Crew isle and get ideas from their purchases. You don't necessarily have to go out and buy the same thing, but if you take a picture of his/her outfit and walk into a different store with that outfit in mind you can pick up a few pieces to recreate it! Check out Pinterest, Facebook, or search under some preppy hashtags on Instagram or Tumblr. Some of my personal favorites are: thecollegeprepster, and sarahbelle93x.

4. Use your student discount
Quite possibly one of the greatest perks about being a young college student is the fact that a lot of stores give student discounts. J.Crew will give you 15% off (!!) which is amazing and makes shopping a little less stressful on your financials.

5. Shop online
Sometimes you can score better deals by shopping online instead of in the store. If you find something you love online, they can usually offer you smaller shipping fees and it can get to your door really fast. Online sales can also include a larger selection, too!

I hope these tips are helpful!! Let me know what your tips are for shopping on a budget below!


  1. I love all these tips! Another personal tip is don't spend money on the basics - tanks, tees, cardigans. You can find similar items at Target and Old Navy and that way you can spend the money on the more "J. Crew" unique pieces.

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    1. Thanks girl! :) You have great tips as well!!

  2. These tips are so detailed- great job!!! I don't know if many college students know that there are a lot of student discounts in stores nowadays!


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