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D.I.Y Series: #1 Rose Tray

Here is craft #1 in my three part D.I.Y. series! I've had some time to relax at home and over this past week I got my Martha Stewart on. I managed to find some crafts to make with items purchased from Michaels. I scored an amazing deal on the acrylic paints! They are on sale 4 for $2. I picked up some gorgeous colors, too! Coral Reef, Sea Mist Pearl, Champagne Pearl, and Flesh are the ones I have. In addition to the paint, I found this really cool rose stencil that was reasonably priced at $3.99

Materials Needed:
wood tray, acrylic paint, stencil, paint brush, 

1. Paint the inside of the tray with one color. (I used Flesh)
2. Let the paint dry for about 20 mins. 
3. Paint the rest of the tray with a different color (I used Coral Reef). Let it dry for 20 mins.
4. Take the stencil and arrange it on the inside of the tray. Tape it down.
5. Gently paint over the stencil with another color (I used Champagne Pearl).

I hope this project is something that interests you! Look out for #2 and #3 in the series coming soon. 

Here are some other examples


  1. So cute and seems easy enough for me to do, definitely going to try it one day!

    1. Yay I'm so happy you like it!! I can totally help you make one! Thanks for the comment :)

  2. This is such a cute idea I'm definitely going to have to try!


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