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D.I.Y. Series #2: Silver Jewelry Holder

Here is #2 in my three part D.I.Y. craft series! This is such a fun way to organize jewelry. If you are active on Pinterest, you have probably seen this project pop up on your news feed a few times. I decided to take my own approach to it and this entire piece can be made for less than $5.00.

hot glue gun (Craft Store), 2 silver trays (Dollar Tree), optional clear tray (Dollar Tree), candle holder (Dollar Tree)

1. Heat up hot glue gun and add in hot glue stick
2. Arrange the candle holder in the center of the bottom silver tray.
3. Let dry for 5 min. Add glue to the top of the candle holder.
4. Place second silver tray on top of the glue.
5. Optional: glue clear bowl to the center of the top silver tray.

The trays cost $2, the candle holder is $1, and the clear bowl is $1!

Follow the pictures above for a better look at what to do. I hope you enjoy this craft! There is still another D.I.Y tomorrow, so be on the look out for it then! Thanks for reading and if you want to keep up with me follow my Instagram feed :)


  1. Love this DIY and will definitely be doing it for my upcoming Office Redo! :)

    1. That is awesome news! I'm so glad you like it, thanks for the comment! :)


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