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d.i.y. series #3: citrus fruit canvas art

Here is project number #3 in my D.I.Y. series! This turned out amazingly well considering I had to direction to use...I just kind of did my own thing and the citrus fruit canvas was a success! I've seen this citrus idea on my Pinterest feed a few times, but I never had a lemon, canvas, and acrylic paints at the ready until my crazy week of art projects. This is really easy and hopefully my directions are helpful so you can make your own citrus artwork. The canvas is a great size for dorm room art and apartment decorating--and can fit inside a picture frame if you buy an 8x10. It is very affordable, too! The fruits cost a few dollars, the canvas is on sale at Jo Ann's for $2.99, paint brushes are $0.99 and the acrylic paints are usually around 60 cents to $1.29 each. 

Materials Needed:
white canvas 8x10(Michaels or JoAnn's), lemons (or limes, oranges, grapefruit for different sizes), acrylic paints, paint brush

1. Paint three coats of the background color. Let dry for 10 mins.
2. Cut your fruits in half.
3. Lightly paint one coat of the first color onto a fruit half.
4. Sponge the fruit half onto the canvas. Repeat on the canvas on a few different areas.
5. Take a different color and paint the other half of the fruit.
6. Repeat the sponge technique on the canvas. 

Note: I left the juice inside of the fruit, which allowed a very small amount of the lemon to stick to the canvas. I was able to pull it out of the canvas and it did not ruin the artwork. If you want, I suggest cutting out the insides of the fruit prior to sponging them onto the canvas for another take on the citrus stamping.

Leave me any comments below! Happy crafting & as always thanks for reading.


  1. I like this! You could even do multiple canvases with different fruits maybe! Great idea!

  2. I tried doing this on a piece of cloth to make some kitchen towels and failed miserably. Whenever I would stamp it, my fruit wouldn't show up on the towel, it was just a big glob of paint. I'm going to follow your tutorial and give it another try because yours turned out great!!


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