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These are my Friday Favorites. This past week, I have especially loved these five products pictured above. They are being featured because I have used them throughout this week more than once!

1. Stash Pomegranate Raspberry Tea
I have a tea obsession. So much so that I think I might dedicate an entire post to talk about tea! I went to the Fresh Market this past week and picked this tea up. It has great flavor and lasts even when you refill your cup. I am a big fan of fruity flavors and the raspberry in this product is very sweet and a great summertime tea if you make it iced. This brand sells at Amazon and in grocery stores and it gives you 18 tea bags. 

2. L'Oreal Brow Stylist: 'Lighter Blonde'
This is one of my go-to brow pencils. I find it tricky to pick up a decent eye brow pencil that is inexpensive and matches my coloring. I have pale skin, but I also have this cool undertone that makes looking for makeup products a long process. This product comes in two shades and I prefer using the lighter brown pencil. The pencil is easy to sharpen, and is great because it comes with a sharpener! The color matches my eyebrows very nicely and the product stays on all day. 

3. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer: 'Caribbean Escape'
I love washing my hands. That's such a weird thing to say, but I think it is so important to have clean hands and be germ free! That being said I am obsessed with hand sanitizers. The ones from bath & body works are so affordable and have so many great smells! For the summer they always release fun new ones and my personal favorite is this Caribbean Escape. It is a strong coconut that reminds me of summertime. The 5 for $5.00 deal is the best deal because you get so many for only $1.00 each when they retail for $1.75 each!

4. Forever 21 Headbands
I think of Blair Waldorf whenever I see someone wearing a headband! Not only do they keep your hair back but they look fashionable, too. These were just too much of a bargain not to get. I love the colors and the stretch ability these specific headbands have. At $2.80, you get three different styles which is such a great deal. These add some shine to your hair and make the summer heat more bearable. 

5. Roasted Cashews
For my food favorite this week, I am loving cashews. They make a great afternoon snack for the times when I want to eat chips but want a healthy alternative. Cashews are an excellent source of Vitamin E (thank you nutrition class) and fill you up very quickly. 

~Thanks for reading! Have a fantastic Friday & Weekend ahead!~


  1. I love those B&BW hand sanitizers! I'll definitely have to try the tea! I am a fan of fruity flavors.

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

    1. Me too I have way too many! Haha :)
      Thanks for the comment lovely xx


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