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walmart & cvs deals

I finally left my house and drove out to Wal Mart. Right now there are herds of parents and children shopping for back to school items, so I only stayed for an hour because crowds tend to overwhelm me. I was in the beauty isle and school supply isle and found some amazing deals going on right now. A lot of these products I found cheaper prices for at, so I am linking some of the products to that website! 

This whole kit that is pictured above cost $2.50! If you know about this brand, fill me in on your opinion because I have never tried any of their products yet. I just could not let such a great deal pass me! Although I only needed to pick up facial cleansing wipes, the kit comes with the wipes as well as a face wash and moisturizer. I really want to get into using natural beauty products. I already use a natural deodorant that I love, so switching up my makeup to be more eco-friendly is something I am working on. 

It is super important to exfoliate your skin, and one of my close friends introduced me to the Freeman line of beauty masks and exfoliants. In my skin care routine, I use the Charcoal & Black Sugar scrub a few times a week. These smaller sized masks are perfect for one time uses to test out the line. I wanted to find a mask that wasn't an exfoliant and this mud mask sounded nice. They run for about $1.37 per mask.

Soo, I totally thought this lip balm was going to be like one of my favorites and have a tint to it, but it turns out to just be a clear coated lip balm. I tested it out and like it so far, and for $2.97, it was a great deal because I usually find them for $4. The fragrance is nice and refreshing. This product also goes along with my eco-friendly approach to beauty!

4. Various Plastic Folders (in-store)
I actually love back-to-school shopping. It feels so good to have a new beginning with fun clothes and supplies to make the school year a little more bearable. These folders were just so cute! They cost only $1.47 each and are plastic, which are my favorite type of folder because then they don't break or fall apart. 

I. have. been. looking. for. this. everywhere! This color has been popping up all over my Tumblr page and I could not find it in any CVS or Walgreens. This color is a blue grey that is so pretty and matches well with many outfits. I actually had a 25% off coupon to CVS and I went to one further away from my house and found this color. My mom thought I was crazy when I actually threw my fist up in the air in excitement. Instead of the unruly price of $8.50, the nail polish was only $6.40! If you save money through CVS by using their cards, they will send you these coupons in the mail. I posted a picture of what it looks like on my hand on my Instagram feed.They are very useful and if you plan on purchasing a lot of items it makes sense to get a card and tell them your mailing address if you feel

I am an avid YouTube watcher. I spend a lot of time listening to beauty gurus review products and this is one that I have been interested in the most in the past few months. This blush color is a soft coral, and looks really nice for the summer weather. This blush cost $8.50 at CVS, and on it is only $7.49. Allison Anderson is one of my most watched beauty gurus, and she reviews and wears this blush perfectly!

Grand total: $24.00

Thanks for reading! Have you found any great deals from the drugstore lately? Let me know! 

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  1. I use the Simple Moisturizer and I love it! Cannot believe you snagged that whole kit for under 3 dollars! I want to try that mask. PLEASE COME SHOP FOR ME. You save so much money!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner