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fall 2014 wishlist

fall wishlist
1. Chic Nova Plaid Coat // 2. Nasty Gal Sunglasses // 3. Black Five Skirt // 4. J.Crew Necklace (Etsy) // 5. Knotted Woven Headband // 6. Target Tuxedo Flats // 7. Essie Polish "Style Cartel" // 8. Bath & Body Works Candle "Vanilla Chai" 

September is a great month! All of the latest issues of my favorite magazines Vogue, In Style, Harper's Bazzar, Glamour, Lucky, and Allure come out with the biggest editions full of fall favorites. I like to read these throughout the month to get a good idea about what pieces I should invest in for the cold season. I have collected a few items that are on my list and their details are found below. I am hopefully going to purchase items that are similar to the ones in the picture above. This is just a wishlist, so for now just imagine the perfect fall pieces with me!

1. Chic Nova Plaid Coat
Plaid equals fall to me. There is a crazy amount of comfort that this fabric has. The best plaids are wool scarves, printed skirts, and this blue plaid coat. I definitely need to find something that has a large plaid print like this coat from Chic Nova.

 2. Nasty Gal Sunglasses
Protecting your eyes from the sun never looked so good. These cat eye shaped sunglasses are perfect for the fall! Instead of the typical wayfarer style, switch it up by pairing these with anything you wear because they have a nice neutral color.

3. Black Five Skirt
Chiffon and pleats are so girly. Usually reserved for the springtime, these styles should be worn all year round. If you pair the skirt with a long sleeve top and tights underneath you have created a lovely fall outfit. The lightness of this fabric can also be balanced out if you add a leather jacket over a simple basic t-shirt.

4. J.Crew Necklace (Etsy)
J.Crew has amazing accessories. When the statement necklace trend began, they were on top of things by selling some beautiful baubles. This necklace has a cool combination of blues. At $27.00, it really beats a lot of the J.Crew statement pieces on sale right now. The different shades make matching this necklace with denim, colored pants, or colored dresses a bit easier.

5. Knotted Woven Headband
Grey is a fall staple color. This headband costs $2.80 and is from Forever 21. I like the knot on the side of this headband...its very textured and I think its important to have an element of texture in an outfit. And it's less than $3!

6. Target Tuxedo Flats
I have been coveting these shoes for awhile now...and Target just started selling their own version of the ones I have wanted to buy! At $19.99, these shoes are such a bargain. Black or garnet are the choices they come in. After this post I might need an emergency Target trip...!

7. Essie Polish "Style Cartel"
Essie never fails to impress me. I own a bunch of their colors because the application of this polish is so easy and the lasting power is fantastic. I wear Essie a lot..on the posts about my favorite nail polishesthis fun take on polish, and this great Wal Mart find, I have links to my other favorite Essies! Of course they did raise the prices of the new polishes, so I always have to consider whether I will wear the shade again or not. This bright blue color is new for the fall 2014 collection and I loveee it! I am such a navy, blue, turquoise fan so this color will complement a lot of my fall wardrobe.

8. Bath & Body Works Candle "Vanilla Chai" 
Blankets, Halloween, apple cider, and pumpkins are never complete without an arrangement of candles! I recently smelled this Vanilla Chai scent and it is delicious. B&BW releases a variety of new scents every season, and the fall ones do not disappoint. From Pumpkin Pecan Waffles, to the  appropriately named Autumn Night, this store knows how to draw customers in even when you think you already have enough (side note, you can never have enough candles!).

What do you love about Fall? Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. I love those tuxedo flats! I just bought the leopard print tassel ones. And that coat! And the necklace! Okay I seriously love everything!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner