what i bought black friday shopping

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These two items were purchased at Forever 21. This store was having an additional 50% off clearance items. I bought this (1) navy skirt that originally cost $13.00 for only $6.50. The other item I found was this (2)  textured knit top for $8.00. It is slightly cropped, which I love. I plan on wearing it with a high-waisted skirt or some denim jeans. I also think the solid black color will work nicely to wear with a lot of items in my closet. The texture is a unique aspect of this top, too. 

3 // 4 & 5 // 6

These brown boots are from Aeropostale. I own a few black pairs of boots for the winter but these (3) faux leather brown boots caught my eye. This is a similar pair. The wool inside part of these boots are also nice for added comfort and warmth. These boots were part of the Aeropostale entire store 60% off that I discussed in my previous post! These boots also zip on the back which makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze. I can not wait to tuck my jeans into these boots in the upcoming days. 

Bath & Body Works was having a sale before black Friday. I bought this (4) Stress Relief Aromatherapy Body Wash for $6.00 instead of its usually $14.00 price. I think the smells of the stress relief items are soothing and this eucalyptus tea body wash was my favorite choice. I had a coupon from Retail Me Not which gave me a FREE signature item of my choice, to which I chose the  (5) Thousand Wishes body wash. This is a new scent for the store, and I like the floral scents the most so this one was a great option.

This is the brown sweater I talked about in my last post. It is a (6) Scoop-Neck Sweater from Old Navy and it was 40% off. I like the texture in this sweater and the color. Here is a similar scoop neck sweater. The camel brown color is very versatile and looks great with navy, pink, and cheetah prints. It is a great layering piece. 

Did you venture out for the Black Friday deals? Let me know what you picked up and what stores you found the best luck in! Shop these similar items below:

black friday deals & steals

I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving filled with good food and happy memories. I cooked my first turkey and it turned out well! Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time to spend with friends and family and I am so thankful for another year to celebrate.
Now onto my other favorite holiday...Black Friday!
Here is a compiled list of places you should visit to take advantage of the best deals for Black Friday! I listed some of my favorite stores and what deals they have going on today. Happy shopping!

1. Aeropostale-----60% off the entire store. I shop here for basic items like cardigans, tank tops, shoes, and denim shorts. With 60% off the entire store, you can surely find yourself a nice item for the winter season. They are also giving away free blankets with a purchase. 

2. Ann Taylor-----50% off your entire purchase. For online purchases, use the code "THANKS". This store is great for work pieces such as blazers, slacks, blouses, and jewelry. 

3. American Eagle-----40% off the entire store. I love this store for denim jeans, shirts, denim shorts, and earrings. 

4. Old Navy-----50% off the entire store. I seriously shop at Old Navy too much! Just recently I bought a camel brown colored sweater. Check out the flats! They are half off of $20 which makes them only $10. I own a pair of loafers and casual black ballerina flats from here. Use the code "GRAVY" online for an extra 15% off. 

5. J.Crew-----30% off select items & EXTRA 40% off Sale. The extra percent off sale items is what I would go after first. Some items I would pick up include bracelets, scarves, pajamas, puffer vests, and earrings. 

6. H&M-----20% off select items. H&M is filled with items starting at $4.95! Check this store out for more winter coat deals and other sale items from the summer. 

These are just a few of the best deals going on today...make sure you download some apps for more help along the way! I love Retail Me Not. It is full of the best information and will tell you which stores have online or in-store coupons to use. 

stripes & crochet flats

Dress: Forever 21 (similar) // Shoes: H&M  (similar)
Bag: Coach (similar) // Watch: Ann Klein 

This casual look is what I wore over the weekend. Since I am now back at home, the weather here is super hot and humid! I am able to wear some of my summer clothes for the next few days. The stripe dress I am wearing in this picture is from Forever 21. I have owned this dress for awhile because it is a great layering piece. This TopShop option is similar and really cute for less than $30! My shoes are my bargain shoes I bought for $2.50 from H&M (similar ones here). I also love these flats that are more structured and come in navy. The same shoes are still on sale in the stores! They are broken in and feel extra roomy now that I have worn them a few times (seen here). My hairstyle also worked nicely for this day. It is great for those warm days when you just don't have time to blow dry and straighten your hair. If you want to see how I did my hair, let me know! It was so easy to do and took less than 5 minutes. Check back this week for more posts!


friday favorites november 21st

friday favorites november 21st

friday favorites november 21st
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1. Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash.....I recently purchased this Body Shop product a week ago from my local Ulta. I bought the face wash for $12.50 but I used a coupon from Retail Me Not which helped me save $3.50!I read great reviews about how this cleanser was indeed very "creamy" and made my skin feel very soft. These products have more natural ingredients so I love that I can easily replace my old cleanser that was loaded with harsh chemicals with this one! The texture of this face wash is nice, too. It has a thickness that I look for to make sure the product lathers up nicely but your skin is left feeling cool and refreshed. I highly recommend you try this if your skin is oily or combination. 

2. Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green Tea.....holiday teas are some of my favorites to drink! This one from Trader Joe's is definitely my new go-to tea anytime of the day. Since it is decaffeinated, I even drink it before bed. What I love about this tea is it's minty smell and taste. Mint teas are super great to sip on and relax you if you are stressed. Try it out next time you stop into Trader Joe's. 

3. LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub.....I may have a slight obsession with peppermint. This next favorite of mine is loaded with a fabulous mint smell and sugary texture. I usually use this product before I am going to apply a dark lipstick (like one in this picture!). It helps ensure that my lips are a smooth surface for the lipstick and it prevents and repairs any cracks.

4. C. Wonder Monogram Mug.....I bought my 'A' monogram mug for $10.00 in Southampton over the summer when I stopped at this location. I knew this was a steal because these mugs are so popular and retail for a whopping $78! I love the monogram detail on the front of my mug & mine actually has a blue and green pattern on it. Works great for heating up my favorite teas!


pink sweater & my favorite tassel purse

Sweater: Calvin Klein (similar) // Jeans: Target (similar)
Bag: NY&Company (similar, similar) //
Boots: Cotton On (old, similar)

This was an outfit I wore over the weekend while in the downtown are of the city I live in. I love the bright pink color of this sweater that was once owned by my friend Lina's mom! This sweater is from Calvin Klein (similar in red) and has the over-sized comfort feeling that I gravitate toward during the colder months. Even though this outfit is simple, I like to consider it a nice way to be warm for the season while still looking put together! Paired with my favorite Target jeans (these similar ones are so cute for $18), my black tassel purse (remember it from this post!?) & black boots (check out my recent post about black boots!), this outfit was a great choice for my weekend stroll around the city!
 Back to the sweater--the design on the front of this sweater has an added detail that makes it a unique piece. The v-neck shape is also flattering on many body types, so I feel like this sweater style may work for a lot of people! Pink v-neck sweaters are one of my favorite articles of clothing to own. Find some similar styles in the widget below. What is one of your go-to pieces for the fall? Leave me a comment & a link to your blog if you have time!


under $50: favorite black boots from target

black boots from target

{ Affordable by Amanda Polyvore } 
Starting from the top left, here are some of my favorite black boots from Target!

1. Women's Dawn Ankle Boots ($34.99).........these ankle boots are great for walking around. I love the gold details on the buckles and how that conveys an edgy appeal. I saw a lot of these boots in magazines for hundreds of dollars but Target made an equally fabulous pair for an inexpensive price. If the black is too dark for you there is also a tan version of this boot that I think is just as nice. 

2. Jill Ankle Chelsea boots ($34.99)..........this is a great shoe if you want the ability to slide on your boots and not have to worry about tying any laces! The soft stretchy part of this boot makes life easier when on the go. I recommend this boot if you are new to wearing black leather boots. These are the perfect mix of looking trendy while not drawing too much attention to your feet, but rather using the boots to tie in a busy outfit. 

3. Sam & Libby Liam Chain Boots ($44.99)........the bold chains that wrap around the front of these boots are what I personally love about them the most. These are notice me boots--tough gold chains, a large buckle, and added height. At less than $50, these chain boots are a great deal for the fall and winter season. 

4. Leorah Wedge Bootie ($34.99)..........I used to own a pair just like these wedge booties until I outgrew them. Now Target has one that has me reminiscing about the ease and comfort that those wedges had! The thick wedge in these booties makes walking around campus or work a little more enjoyable while you still look fashionable. So chic and wearable during the day time with tights or with a pair of dark wash jeans at night. 

5. Khalea Combat Boots ($34.99)........these combat boots were just what I was looking for! I purchased these yesterday from my local Target and I have worn them twice so far. Combat boots are my favorite type of boots for the fall season. They are just the right amount of edge for my liking. I have worn them with leggings and jeans. The zipper is what I love the most about these boots, so I don't actually have to lace them up every time I want to wear them!  

Target did not sponsor this post (maybe one day!). I just went to Target over the weekend and wanted to write about my favorite black boots! This store always impresses me with its combination of trendy pieces and bargain prices. I also love the Cartwheel app. If you are a frequent Target shopper, download this app! You can save a few bucks by scanning the barcodes of the items you wish to purchase. The Khalea Combat Boots I just bought? I received 5% off by simply scanning the boots with my phone! It is a great concept and they offer quick deals on everything from grocery, beauty, to apparel. 


old navy vest & other fall classics

Vest: Old Navy // Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren (similar) //
Jeans: Aeropostale (similar)// Bag: Coach (old)

It is officially time to dig through my closet to find my puffy vests from last fall. Once the low 50s hit where I live I like to start layering my vests over long sleeve sweaters. I recently got this Old Navy ($25.00) vest over the weekend. I chose the navy over white or black because I think it compliments a lot of my wardrobe! The fleece lining in this vest makes it a great choice to wear for a long day out. The pockets also include some fleece so I can tuck my hands in for extra warmth. The price I paid was also amazing! This vest cost me $25 in comparison to a lot of J.Crew vests that are equally as adorable but not as affordable as this! The popular quilted herringbone vest sells for $108 while this one is more than half the cost! My Aeropostale jeans were also a steal last fall when they were on sale for $30.00; a similar pair of jeans are on sale for $16.00. Both my Polo (similar)  cashmere sweater & booties are from thrift stores through the past two years.  


h&m matching separates

Top: H&M // Skirt: H&M (similar) // Bag: NY&Company

Blue is one of my favorite colors and I love wearing different shades of it. This royal blue plaid outfit took a while for me to complete! I found the skirt at one H&M and then months later I found its matching top. I loved the idea behind matching separates. Two outfits in one? I'm sold! The top was $4.00 and the skirt was $5.00 when H&M was having their end of the summer clearance sales. These pieces work together and also work on their own. Pairing the skirt with a white t-shirt and converse would be another great way to wear it.

One of my best shopping tips is to wait until the end of major seasons to shop for that season's best deals. So even though the summer will end and you will need to break out the coats and jackets, all of the tank tops and denim shorts you sought after during the summer will be on sale. You can store those items until spring/summer starts back up!


cable knits & cowboy boots

Cable Knit: Loft (old, similar) // Skirt: NY&Company // Belt: Forever 21 
Cowboy boots: JC Penny (old) // Necklace: Tiffany & Co

This fall outfit combines my latest obsession with army green and the comfort of a cable knit. This November weather has been the perfect way to mix my summer pieces with winter ones. A while back I purchased this gauze mini skirt for ($11.00). I love the layering affect that a sweater over a skirt looks like, such as in this Pin from my Pinterest that I used as inspiration. I like how casual the outfit is and yet it is cool and trendy! I paired this cable knit with my favorite cowboy boots from JC Penny. I bought them a few years ago ($30.00) & they still work & fit wonderfully. Cowboy boots are a must-have living in North Florida. I love how mine have gradually become weathered and broken-in, creating a rustic and authentic look to them. I am looking forward to wearing this outfit combination again sometime soon. These gorgeous autumn trees were right by me and I just had to document how wonderful they looked! Living by the beach my whole life meant I never experienced an actual changing of the seasons until I moved for college. What is fall like where you live?


the best of e.l.f.

the best of e.l.f.

the best of e.l.f. 

e.l.f. cosmetics have been around for ages, but until recently my friends and I have started a slight obsession with this brand. I decided to break down a few of my all-time favorite essentials! These are items that I have had for over a few months and always come back to using for my daily makeup routine. 

These cosmetics can be found at many drugstores (Walgreens, Target, Drugstore.com) and they range from $1, $3, to $5. The prices of these items are extremely affordable and the quality is superb. This brand works hard to deliver useful, effective, and practical makeup tools and help fulfill other beauty needs (such as brush shampoo). Below are details about each product featured above and their respective prices. Enjoy!

1. Eyelid Primer............for only ($1.49), this eyelid primer is a bargain. the simple application is what I love about this primer. Not only is it a steal, it does a great job at keeping all my pigmented eye-shadows from rubbing off throughout the day. 

2. Eye Crease Brush ($1.49)............once you layer on some eye shadow to your lids, it is always nice to add in a definer color to the outside corners of your eyelids. This crease brush creates bold definition and smudges two colors into one blended out look. 

3. Flat Eye Shadow Brush ($1.49)............this was my first purchase from this brand. The flat brush is concentrated and picks up a lot of the eye shadow pigment on each application. This brush makes applying shade on your crease extremely easy!

4. Small Stipple Brush ($3.00)............I alternate uses for this brush. Sometimes I use it for foundation if none of my other brushes are clean (side note: cleaning your brushes may take forever, but it is important to do it often!). On most days, I usually use this stipple brush for under eye concealing and for powder on top of my foundation/concealer. The fact that this brush is small makes it easier to concentrate the makeup in whatever area you want to apply most of the product. 

5. Studio Powder Brush ($3.00)............I actually happen to own two of these brushes! This is the ultimate powdering brush. It gives full coverage and is a great tool for creating a matte look by using a translucent or mineral powder over your foundation

6. Brush Shampoo ($4.50)............cleaning your brushes is just as important as finding affordable ones! This shampoo is comparable to the Sephora brush shampoo ($6). I have owned both and find that either shampoo works effectively, but the e.l.f. shampoo lasts longer and lathers better. This shampoo disinfects and removes all traces of dirt, oil, and makeup. 

7. Shimmering Facial Whip ($1.00)............according to the e.l.f. website this product is supposed to be packed with Vitamin E and instantly brighten and soothe skin with no greasy after-feel. It can be used on cheeks, lips, eyelids. The colors of these facial whips are creamy neutral pinks and one has light golden tones. I like this product to use as a cheekbone highlights or it can be used as an eye shadow primer.


black and army green

Jacket: Forever 21 (similar) // Nail Polish: SpaRitual in "Slate"
Top: Nordstrom Rack (similar) // Black Hat: Aeropostale (old, similar) // Leggings: Target

On Friday I got my nails done because I wanted to treat myself to something! I have not had a manicure and pedicure in well over three months because I was used to just painting my own nails. I went to my local Aveda salon and received a Spa manicure and pedicure. I love Aveda salons for multiple reasons. First, they are environmentally friendly because they use vegan products and do not use harsh chemicals. Second, the overall smell of Aveda products is amazing. I walk into any of their salons and instantly feel relaxed and at ease. Third, they have delicious tea! As soon as you walk in the cashiers will offer you water or tea. The color I got on my nails is called "Slate" and it is from the SpaRitual line. They also sell their nail polishes in the store or you can buy them at Ulta, where the link will take you. It is a great fall color. Green and grey with a light glitter sheen. The best part about Aveda next to all of the great things I listed is that you get to take home the nail polish you use! That is paying $10 for a manicure, $15 for a pedicure and receiving a $12 nail polish for free!

Along with the theme of army green nails is my outfit that I wore on Friday. Since it was Halloween, I wore all black (top, leggings) and a wide black hat. It was chilly so I threw on my favorite fall army green puffer jacket from Forever 21 (similar). This jacket I found on the ground of the sale section a few years back for about $8.00! It has been with me since my Freshman year of college. I feel like army green is a trend that has stuck around for a while, so luckily I found that jacket on sale and kept it all this time!

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