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under $50: favorite black boots from target

black boots from target

{ Affordable by Amanda Polyvore } 
Starting from the top left, here are some of my favorite black boots from Target!

1. Women's Dawn Ankle Boots ($34.99).........these ankle boots are great for walking around. I love the gold details on the buckles and how that conveys an edgy appeal. I saw a lot of these boots in magazines for hundreds of dollars but Target made an equally fabulous pair for an inexpensive price. If the black is too dark for you there is also a tan version of this boot that I think is just as nice. 

2. Jill Ankle Chelsea boots ($34.99)..........this is a great shoe if you want the ability to slide on your boots and not have to worry about tying any laces! The soft stretchy part of this boot makes life easier when on the go. I recommend this boot if you are new to wearing black leather boots. These are the perfect mix of looking trendy while not drawing too much attention to your feet, but rather using the boots to tie in a busy outfit. 

3. Sam & Libby Liam Chain Boots ($44.99)........the bold chains that wrap around the front of these boots are what I personally love about them the most. These are notice me boots--tough gold chains, a large buckle, and added height. At less than $50, these chain boots are a great deal for the fall and winter season. 

4. Leorah Wedge Bootie ($34.99)..........I used to own a pair just like these wedge booties until I outgrew them. Now Target has one that has me reminiscing about the ease and comfort that those wedges had! The thick wedge in these booties makes walking around campus or work a little more enjoyable while you still look fashionable. So chic and wearable during the day time with tights or with a pair of dark wash jeans at night. 

5. Khalea Combat Boots ($34.99)........these combat boots were just what I was looking for! I purchased these yesterday from my local Target and I have worn them twice so far. Combat boots are my favorite type of boots for the fall season. They are just the right amount of edge for my liking. I have worn them with leggings and jeans. The zipper is what I love the most about these boots, so I don't actually have to lace them up every time I want to wear them!  

Target did not sponsor this post (maybe one day!). I just went to Target over the weekend and wanted to write about my favorite black boots! This store always impresses me with its combination of trendy pieces and bargain prices. I also love the Cartwheel app. If you are a frequent Target shopper, download this app! You can save a few bucks by scanning the barcodes of the items you wish to purchase. The Khalea Combat Boots I just bought? I received 5% off by simply scanning the boots with my phone! It is a great concept and they offer quick deals on everything from grocery, beauty, to apparel. 



  1. they all look lovely :) xx

  2. great picks! I need to get some black ankle boots!

    1. Black ankle boots are such a fall staple but for me it was so hard to come across a pair that was inexpensive and nice! Target definitely has some options for you, or I would consider Payless Shoe Store :)

  3. Thanks for posting - I really need to find some new black boots and it's so hard to throw away your favourite ones.
    Hope you can check out my latest DIY post!!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! I just threw away my old favorite pair and it was so difficult to part with them because they were my go-to favorites!

  4. Great post! I love some of the boots!
    You have a new follower :)
    Kisses I wait you in my blog

  5. I love those combat boots and they're such a great price!



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