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friday favorites november 21st

friday favorites november 21st

friday favorites november 21st
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1. Body Shop Tea Tree Cool & Creamy Wash.....I recently purchased this Body Shop product a week ago from my local Ulta. I bought the face wash for $12.50 but I used a coupon from Retail Me Not which helped me save $3.50!I read great reviews about how this cleanser was indeed very "creamy" and made my skin feel very soft. These products have more natural ingredients so I love that I can easily replace my old cleanser that was loaded with harsh chemicals with this one! The texture of this face wash is nice, too. It has a thickness that I look for to make sure the product lathers up nicely but your skin is left feeling cool and refreshed. I highly recommend you try this if your skin is oily or combination. 

2. Trader Joe's Candy Cane Green teas are some of my favorites to drink! This one from Trader Joe's is definitely my new go-to tea anytime of the day. Since it is decaffeinated, I even drink it before bed. What I love about this tea is it's minty smell and taste. Mint teas are super great to sip on and relax you if you are stressed. Try it out next time you stop into Trader Joe's. 

3. LUSH Mint Julips Lip Scrub.....I may have a slight obsession with peppermint. This next favorite of mine is loaded with a fabulous mint smell and sugary texture. I usually use this product before I am going to apply a dark lipstick (like one in this picture!). It helps ensure that my lips are a smooth surface for the lipstick and it prevents and repairs any cracks.

4. C. Wonder Monogram Mug.....I bought my 'A' monogram mug for $10.00 in Southampton over the summer when I stopped at this location. I knew this was a steal because these mugs are so popular and retail for a whopping $78! I love the monogram detail on the front of my mug & mine actually has a blue and green pattern on it. Works great for heating up my favorite teas!


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