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5 end of the year questions 2014

A year nearly finished. Before the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, 2014, I wanted to make a post about this year. Accomplishments. Set backs. Joys. Sorrows. As I reflect on what happened and what did not this past year I hope you can do the same! I believe in starting each day with new goals in mind and I want to set my own for the new year. 2014 taught me some lessons. I learned how vital it is to keep moving forward even when all seems lost and unorganized and just flat out impossible to handle. I learned that picking up the pieces when you fall can seem so difficult to do. When you trust the right people you can fight your battles with a strong army to back you up and conquer your troubles. I look forward to a new start every time I clink glasses with loved ones on Decemeber 31st. This is a long post but I very heartfelt one. I wrote a few reflection questions that can summarize some specific details from this year. Cheers to the end of 2014 & see you real soon

5 End of the Year Questions for 2014?

1. Pick three words to describe 2014?
My three words would be... self-awareness (I focused on being less self-conscious about certain things and practice being more self-aware; to see how my thoughts and emotions were , courage (I faced a lot of moments where I needed to have courage. I needed to be brave. My Grandma passed away this past April. She and I were extremely close. I needed to have the courage to allow myself to process my emotions and talk to my friends and family about how I felt), and friendship (I truly have met some of the best people this year and have strengthened those relationships. I am proud of myself for moving out of my comfort zone to find amazing friends this year). 

2.  What is your biggest accomplishment this year?
This year was very busy for me in terms of school and writing for my school's fashion magazine. I'd say a huge accomplishment would be that one of my articles was published in the fall edition of the magazine! It is a very selective process and I was overjoyed when my article was chosen. Definitely a highlight of 2014. (& also keeping up with my blog for longer than any previous attempt! Woo!)

3. Favorite memories from 2014?
A few memories come to mind with this question...I loved seeing my cousin get married in June. It was my first time attending a wedding! It was magical and romantic and beautiful. Another memory would be my when my best friends celebrated my 20th birthday. They did a terrific job keeping everything a secret and they truly made my 'birthday week' one of the best weeks of my life. I had never felt more loved than I did during that week! They bought me cupcakes, arranged a spa day, and threw me a Frozen themed birthday party. They are some extremely special people.

4. Best piece of advice from this year?
Only a week ago I was told something that really stuck with me. So much so that I need to jot it down somewhere before it escapes me. My Dad told me over dinner, "Relationships have their ups and their downs. The highs are really high and the lows are really low. But it's better to be in and out of them than to be in none at all. " I hope this tidbit makes sense because I understood what he was saying and how it's important to play the game than sit on the sidelines. 

5. What do you want more of in 2015?
I would like more time with my family, more travels, more spontaneous moments, more tea flavors to drink (!!), more blog opportunities, more peace in the world, more laughter, more healthy food to eat, and to talk to more people who inspire me! 

My next post will come to you in the new year. 2015!!
Feel free to write up your own version of the end of the year questions or answer these! 
 Oh 2015, let's start things out right!! Wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. 



  1. My best piece of advice from this year is that sometimes the thing you thought you'd hate most is actually something you'll really enjoy doing. I did the other questions on my blog,


  2. Love that piece of advice!! I always seem to stop myself from doing things, too. Thanks so much for sharing, Shannon! Happy New Year xo


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