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finals survival gear

finals survival gear

The few weeks leading up to Christmas break are usually filled with FINALS for college students everywhere, including myself. I have compiled a helpful list of important things you should use to get through the stress that comes with finals/exams! Check out these items in the widget below! All the pictures have links to sites where you can purchase the items. 

Finals Essentials Include:
Hoodies, t-shirts (Old Navy $4), hair ties (these Emi-Jay ones are only $5!), socks (check out these Forever 21 ones for less than $5), mugs (Kate Spade $15), headphones (these copper ones are so cool), watches, sneakers, candles (Yankee Candle favorite), chap-stick (all natural Burt's Bees), yoga pants (I personally love these Aerie ones! or these F21 ones less than $10), backpacks.

Happy studying!!


  1. The pieces you listed in this post are very stylish, well done

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