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holiday lipglosses for under $10

holiday lipglosses for under $10

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Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss......
This is a soft pink color that fits into a casual daily look for the holiday season. Revlon makes some of the best affordable lipsticks/lipglosses! A lot of stores carry Revlon so it makes purchasing this brand really easy. This one specific lip gloss type is very moisturizing and does not leave your lips sticky whatsoever. The color I own is 210 "Pinkissimo". It has a sheer pink shine and has good lasting power. I would say I have to re-apply it every few hours.

 Milani Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss....... 
this is honestly my new go-to red lip-gloss! My roommates and I each picked up this lip-gloss from our local CVS this week when they continued their additional 50-70% sale. This lip-gloss cost each of us only $1.48! That is some crazy savings because this lip gloss sells for $6-8. The color looks great in photos. I am always afraid of dark red lip-glosses rubbing onto my teeth but this one keeps the color on your lips! The sponge applicator makes applying this gloss really simple and accurate. The staying power of this Milani lipgloss is super impressive! I was very happy with the results. 

Revlon ColorStay Moisture Stain...... 
this lip stain is actually from my roommates collection of dark lip-gloss colors. She is obsessed with dark, plum and red tones and she picked up this Revlon moisture stain in the color "Parisian Passion". It cost around $8.00 and has great color payoff. The dark rich plums are super popular right now and make a great nighttime lip color choice. These colors look great with darker outfits and adds an eye-catching shine to your lips for the night.

NYC Liquid Lip Shine......
this is the cheapest lip gloss in this post! At only $1.77, this NYC lip-gloss is a steal. The pigments on this lip gloss are amazing and will add a nice amount of shine. On Target's website, this lip gloss also got a 5.0 rating. I bought this lip-gloss in a pinch one day and now I love keeping it in my purse for emergencies or layering it over my favorite lipsticks for an added pink shine. 



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