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Some of my other social media accounts will give you even more insight into my fashion, tea, beauty, and lifestyle obsessions...I love posting daily pictures on Instagram. This is the first place to find some cute outfit of the day posts, pics of my favorite magazines, and other updates. From my home adventures on the beach, to Tampa hot spots, to school Starbucks breaks, this is a great visual collection of memories. Follow along by clicking here so you can join the Affordable by Amanda community! I appreciate it so much.

Here is my personal blog Tumblr page! I re-post a ton of my favorite things and I am always looking for more fashion bloggers to follow (I'll check you out!). From pretty flowers to Ed Sheeran lyrics, my Tumblr is a modern personal diary for me. I have the app on my phone so I am constantly reblogging! Do you have a tumblr? Make sure to follow me if you would like to see more!

I just made a Twitter account a few days ago for the blog. I will definitely keep up with tweeting because I loooove this social media platform! Twitter is easily one of my favorite ways to keep people up to date and to vent about my day. I post #TheBachelor opinions (have you seen the new season yet? It started yesterday & I am obsessing over farmer Chris!) and my Starbucks orders all the time. Check me out!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love reading your comments! Follow me on GFG & Bloglovin and I will visit your blog! Want more Affordable by Amanda? Click the social media links above! Questions? Email me: