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start 2015 off right

start 2015 off right

1. Target Sugar Paper Planner // 2. Pen Pouch // 3. Williams-Sonoma Bottle // 4. VSX Bottle // 5. Camelbak Water Bottle  // 6. L'Occitane lotion // 7. The Body Shop Lotion // 8. Forever 21 Watch // 9. ASOS Watch

These are some of my goals/desires for 2015. Planning is one of my weaknesses. I like to go with the flow and figure things out as they come along but sometimes you need a little organization to keep things going. Target is the place for planners on a budget! This one is only $8! It is so colorful and will keep even the most unorganized (me) a little more on top of things for the new year.

Drinking more water is a must! It is so important to stay hydrated that I included it in this post. Why not get your daily water intake by using a fashionable and eco-friendly water bottle!? These are reusable and trendy right now. Camelbaks are everywhere on my campus. I also love the Victoria Secret one because it is so colorful and bright!

Yes, one of goals is to smell great (ha ha) by purchasing quality items such as long-lasting lotions and body washes. I hate when I use a product and the smell doesn't linger for longer than two minutes! Hopefully I can find the perfect product and if I do I will talk about it. Some products on my radar are....this hand cream from L'Occitane! I love The Body Shop. The entire company has some great products. I love using their facial cleanser. I bought it in a kit awhile ago (see this post on my Instagram) and I really like it. After I use it day and night my face feels completely clean with no residue!

 I just received a new white Coach watch as a late Christmas present and I love its simplicity and minimalist design. These watches (Forever 21 at $18!) are so chic and have that same look that I am loving this season for watches. Rose gold is a popular color right now and Forever 21 has a ton of options in that color for you to choose from.

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