february favorites 2015

february 2015 favorites

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These are my top favorite items for the month of February. This month was a lot of fun with a ton of memories. I turned 21 and went to Disney, I started using this L'Oreal Sulfate Free Shampoo during this month and it has helped smooth out my hair a lot. It also is free of harmful sulfates which can further damage your hair. Revlon's lip butters were some of my favorite lipsticks to wear throughout the day. One of my favorite colors is Berry Smoothie. It is a light berry color that works great as an everyday lip color. I had never tried the Soy line before until this month. I bought this cleanser in the trial version for $15 before I purchased the larger bottle. I like this cleanser to remove my makeup before I use my Body Shop Cleanser using my Boscia sponge! I took a picture of this Lash Domination Mascara the other day on my Instagram, and I have been wearing it all month! I love the bareMinerals products and this mascara is lengthening and makes my lashes look really nice.

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inspiration sets

fun spring

I love making these inspiration sets on Polyvore. I enjoy creating these to get inspired for the next season or I include things that I wish I had! For example, I have these really edgy ripped black skinny jeans from H&M {under $20!}. I am trying to find a reasonable dupe for the TopShop {$70} ones that are too expensive for me! A lot of bloggers have them to pair with super chic tops and I am envious of that effortless style. Once I find some I will share where they are from. I also am craving spring these days. My two favorite seasons are fall and spring. I love the flower blooming and buying cute spring dresses, This aztec printed top is great for the spring, with its crisp white and blue colors. This Kate Spade clutch is so cute! I love gold and tassels. These Target shoes are super nice for the spring, too. I own these exact Kate Spade Light the Lanterns Circle Studs because my Mom gave them to me for Christmas.

navy, tweed & j.crew

Coat: Forever 21 // Top: Ralph Lauren // Shorts: GAP (similar)
Shoes: Target // Belt: J.Crew ($14.00)

This look encompasses some elements of winter that I love. Tweed is a classic pattern and these GAP shorts were a steal at only $14! This bright blue coat was also a great deal at $28 from Forever 21. The wool shorts were super great for the cold, and adding some tights would make them even more appropriate for the season. Also in this outfit are my favorite Target loafers. Have a great rest of your week! 

makeup monday favorites

A few products I have been loving these past few weeks are from bareMinerals. My wonderful roommate gifted me with an incredible set of bareMinerals beauty products for my birthday! I have been using the bareMinerals "Stroke of Light" highlighter on top of my cheekbones. This has been giving me a nice glow once I apply my bronzer and blush. A little of this product goes a long way! The "Lash Domination" mascara has been very impressive. The brush is great for lengthening and the product coats on my lashes very nicely. I will usually go to school with just this mascara and no other eye makeup on, and it has been going great! The two red containers hold the blush "Daybreak" and the brown eye shadow "After Dusk". I have swatches of each color in a picture above! They both have gold shimmer flecks that make a look more illuminating. Another favorite is this Hourglass Viel Mineral Primer.  The larger bottles of this product are $52, so I went with the $18 version because I wanted to make sure I absolutely wore the product before splurging! This product claims to minimize pores, conceal redness, soften fine wrinkles, and coat your face with some SPF 15. I love the light texture of this product and I find myself reaching for it more and more each day. It has really helped keep my makeup from sliding off throughout the day! Do you have any makeup favorites right now?

creme de la creme

Top: Kohl's (similar $16, $10)// Skirt: Forever 21 (similar $20 here, here, here) // Shoes: Target (only $9.98!) // Necklace: Old Navy (similar here, here, $8.00 here)

Yesterday I went out into town with my roommates and we shot some great photos for the blog. Get ready to see them over the next few days! The weather was finally super nice and warm out. This top I am wearing is an adorable graphic tee from Kohl's. I originally purchased it for about $10. My skirt is from Forever 21 (get the look here) and what I love about it is the short over the knee part and the long chiffon on the top.  My shoes have been on the blog before, and now they are on sale for $9.98! Definitely pick them up if you want some stylish loafers for cheap.  Love necklaces like the one I am wearing? Rockbox has some amazing options! Use my code "affordablebyamandaxoxo" at checkout for a free month!
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coats for $50 & under

coats under $50

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These long coats are gorgeous and perfect for the winter into spring. If you saw on my Instagram, I recently posted a picture of me wearing my NEW Forever 21 coat {$35}that I love wearing so much. I actually bought it from someone using my college's clothing resale Facebook group! It was only $25. I highly suggest looking into resale sites to find great deals. PoshMark is a popular one! The coat is not only super comfortable to wear during the day but adds a touch of style to a casual look. I love all these coat options--the camel one {$36} is simply timeless and the green zipper coat {$38} is such a statement piece! Make sure to check out some more options below. Have a great weekend! I am shooting some new pictures soon for the blog...very exciting! Follow me on social media for more affordable finds.

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dainty jewerly & what is rocksbox

I have a slight obsession with cute, small jewelry. As much as I love a powerful and pretty statement necklace, I also adore fun pieces that can be layered or worn alone to add a little extra shine to an outfit. I chose some of my favorites and they are all listed above for you to check out! A lot are from Forever 21, because that store always has adorable & affordable pieces that complement a lot of what I wear. I love this simple Charm Necklace {$3.90} and also this Curved and Rhinestone Layered Necklace from Charlotte Russe {$6.00}. Small elegant earrings like these are also something I love to use to accessorize with. I also love the jewelry subscription company, Rocksbox! I found them through a friend's Instagram account and now I am hooked. I tried my first month for FREE! and got some amazing pieces...you may have seen the adorable earrings I wore for my birthday (see them down below!) If you are interested in trying Rocksbox out for yourself, use the code "affordablebyamandaxoxo" in the code entry box, I promise you'll love it!                                                                       

50 random facts about me

Today I thought I would share some facts about myself to let you know me a little better! I've seen a lot of people do these types of videos/posts, and now it's my turn to list my favorite things & random facts you may not know about the girl behind the blog. 

50 Random Facts About Amanda
1. I have one sister who is a year younger than me. A lot of people think we look like twins, except she has amazing red hair!
2. My favorite color is blue. I love light blue and navy blues the best.
3. I love Taylor Swift's style. She is one of my fashion icons.
4. My cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, even though I really wish I had an iPhone 6
5. I love Spotify. Making playlists to listen to as I walk to class is a pastime of mine!
6. I am obsessed with hand sanitizer.
7. My favorite restaurants are a tie between Chick Fil A and Starbucks
8. I wear contacts/wear because I have poor vision.
9. I love Audrey Hepburn.
10. I am always on Tumblr! Follow me here if you like pretty flower pictures and song lyrics
11. I graduated from the I.B. program at my high school (let me know if you were in I.B.!)
12. Forever 21 pajamas are my favorite and actually last a long time
13. I like eating matcha macarons.
14. My favorite Disney Princess was Snow White when I was younger. 
15. Some of my favorite bands/musicians are The Black Keys, Walk the Moon, The Killers, Tim McGraw, The 1975, Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, and Ed Sheeran.
16. I love candles from Bath & Body Works.
17. My favorite perfumes are Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and Flowerbomb
18. I love watching Award Shows
19. I am a huge fan of Zoella and other beauty YouTubers
20. I love drinking La Croix sparkling water while I study
21. I am a junior in college
22. My favorite foods are chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and dark chocolate
23. I visit New York every summer to see my family
24. I own a lot of coral lipsticks
25. I enjoy back to school shopping
26. I have naturally curly hair
27. I live with my two best friends (who often take my photos!)
28. I am Irish and Italian
29. I love the beach, but the ocean sometimes terrifies me!
30. I am five feet six inches
31. My room is 'organized chaos'
32. I love yoga pants
33. I am afraid of airplanes
34. I love to write and I have published a few articles in my school's magazine
35. I love crafts (like this cute tray) and making jewelry (like this cute bow ring)
36. I enjoy bike riding
37. My favorite type of cake is red velvet
38. I love Publix
39. I usually never return things I buy
40. I am an Aquarius
41. I am obsessed with the show Scandal
42. I love to sleep-in
43. I like Yoga but I am not very good
44. I am a VIB member at Sephora
45. I drink 4-5 cups of tea every day
46. Some of my favorite designers are Michael Kors, Elie Saab, and Kate Spade
47. I love to read
48. I cry very easily during movies 
49. I do not like the cold
50. I love social media! Follow me on my accounts below

Thanks so much for reading this post!

tea tuesday #3

How to Take Your Tea With You On the Go
Another Tea Tuesday post! This time I am talking about drinking your cup of tea on the go. Usually when I make tea it is early in the morning and I am getting ready to go to school. I will make my tea, steep it in a mug, and then transfer it into a travel mug. These are some of my personal favorites! I love collecting mugs and travel mugs...I have so many now! This Kate Spade one is super popular and I see it all over Instagram, I simply need to get one because I love the saying "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" because my Grandma used to tell me that all the time. I also love the Black and White Polka Dot one from Kate Spade, it is so chic! It has been chilly these past few days so I hope these suggestions help you when you are trying to keep warm. Don't forget to check out Rocksbox, too! I have an invite code (amandabff589) so you can test out a free month of beautiful jewelry (like these earrings from my birthday outfit! love them!)

spring milani lipsticks

Milani is a drugstore brand that has some great new lip colors for the spring. I wanted to share my top three picks today! You can find these lipsticks at Amazon, CVS, or drugstore.com

1. Hot Pink Rage... 
This color is a gorgeous hot pink shade. The lipstick itself smells incredibly good and it is easy to apply. I've owned this one for a few months now and it is a great vibrant color to wear. This color is full coverage and long-lasting. The pigment payoff is also an added plus to this brand.

2. Matte Passion...
This color is bright red and matte. This lipstick has grape-seed extract which is great for added moisture that a lot of matte lipsticks lack. The color is long-lasting and feels great on your lips. I wore this color to a Valentine's Day party and it lasted throughout the night and photographed very nicely.

3. Matte Orchid...
This lipstick is a fuscia purple color. It has Vitamins A, C, & E to help provide moisture. This lipstick also stays in place and won't budge throughout the day/night. I love how prefect this color is for the Spring season!

Do you like Milani lipsticks? Would you try the new matte/bright ones? Let me know!

a touch of blush

Blush pink is a trendy shade right now. I own quite a few blush colored pieces in my wardrobe right now! This piece and this piece are some of my favorites. New York Fashion Week is going on and a lot of designers are incorporating this color into their collections. This feminine color is great for the Spring, too. From tote bags to sweaters, this color will be all over! I would suggest finding one piece to add a touch of blush this season. I am eyeing this gorgeous blush Ann Klein Watch so much! One of my first watches was Ann Klein because it was relatively inexpensive and practical for every day use. All of these items are clickable! I am going to make more of these similar posts in the future. I love how blogging can turn into a learning experience for me. Happy Sunday! I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's Day with the person/people you love!

oh, it is love

valentines gift ides

So Valentine's Day is officially tomorrow, did you get your gifts!? Today's post is all about some affordable options for your significant other, besties, close relatives, and yourself! I put together some ideas to give you some last minute inspiration. 

Food...to win a girl's heart, snacks are definitely a must-have! In every store there are tons of options, some of my personal favorites are sugar cookies, Ghiradelli chocolate, and homemade cupcakes!

Beauty...Spring has some amazing new beauty products in store for us! If you want to make the splurge and buy yourself or your best friend a cute pink Clarisonic, that would be a seriously nice present! I think lip products are a great gift idea, and this new M.A.C Miley Cyrus Viva Glam is the prettiest vibrant pink for the Spring season. Some classics are the Burt's Bees Lip Balm and the Sugar Lip Treatment {$22}. Stila has some gorgeous blushes right now. This convertible blush {$25} is the best way to get a naturally radiant glow. The E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip is the perfect inexpensive highlighter. It is only $1.00!

Home...candles are a great gift to give someone who is decorating a new apartment/house or loves collecting a lot of different scents! This red Voluspa Glass Jar Candle {$35} has a sweet mango and goji berry blend that will be perfect for any living space to add a sweet tropical smell. Mugs are also a great item. This adorable "P.S. I Love You" {$12} mug is great gift for any avid coffee or tea drinker!

Relax...Valentine's Day can mean relaxation! Just curl up with a good movie, (I love Crazy Stupid Love!), put on some super fuzzy socks (these are comfy!), paint your nails (this OPI Pink!), and enjoy a bubble bath while eating some sweets!

I hope these options help you out! See the items I talked about below! UNDER $100!

birthday makeup look

This post is all about the products used for to create the
 Makeup Look for my Birthday!
Below are scrolling widgets that you can use to see exactly what products I put on for my face, eyes, and lips! Just hoover over each product for more details. 

I first applied this Neutrogena moisturizer to my clean face (after washing my face with this product in the shower). I let that sink into my skin for 10 minutes before moving onto my new Hourglass Mineral Veil primer ($18 from Sephora). I purchased this when we were at the mall on Friday! I saw the smaller, cheaper version of this product and new I wanted to test it out. The product is a light milky white color and a little goes a long way to minimize pores and help reduce redness! I applied my new Body Shop BB cream because I love how this smells and feels on my face! It is lightweight so I added my Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation on top. The under eye concealer I used is my favorite Maybelline one and on areas I needed extra coverage I used my NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. For blush I wore this Benefit one and some Hoola bronzer. As a finishing touch, I applied my new Maybelline Fit Me translucent powder to diminish the shine on my face.

I primed my eyes using one of my favorite drugstore primers, the Revlon Photo Ready , and put on my Maybelline Pumped Up Lashes mascara. The Naked 2 Basics palette has been put to good use these past few months since I got it for Christmas. I love the matte colors and how easy it is to build up your eye look with only 2-3 colors!

I wanted a natural, neutral look for my lips. I first appled this Wet n Wild light pink nude lipstick. Net I filled in my lips with this Milani lip liner in a matte nude color. Jessica gave me a Bareminerals kit that include a gorgeous lip gloss which I used to add some shimmer to my overall look!