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50 random facts about me

Today I thought I would share some facts about myself to let you know me a little better! I've seen a lot of people do these types of videos/posts, and now it's my turn to list my favorite things & random facts you may not know about the girl behind the blog. 

50 Random Facts About Amanda
1. I have one sister who is a year younger than me. A lot of people think we look like twins, except she has amazing red hair!
2. My favorite color is blue. I love light blue and navy blues the best.
3. I love Taylor Swift's style. She is one of my fashion icons.
4. My cell phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3, even though I really wish I had an iPhone 6
5. I love Spotify. Making playlists to listen to as I walk to class is a pastime of mine!
6. I am obsessed with hand sanitizer.
7. My favorite restaurants are a tie between Chick Fil A and Starbucks
8. I wear contacts/wear because I have poor vision.
9. I love Audrey Hepburn.
10. I am always on Tumblr! Follow me here if you like pretty flower pictures and song lyrics
11. I graduated from the I.B. program at my high school (let me know if you were in I.B.!)
12. Forever 21 pajamas are my favorite and actually last a long time
13. I like eating matcha macarons.
14. My favorite Disney Princess was Snow White when I was younger. 
15. Some of my favorite bands/musicians are The Black Keys, Walk the Moon, The Killers, Tim McGraw, The 1975, Maroon 5, Luke Bryan, and Ed Sheeran.
16. I love candles from Bath & Body Works.
17. My favorite perfumes are Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck and Flowerbomb
18. I love watching Award Shows
19. I am a huge fan of Zoella and other beauty YouTubers
20. I love drinking La Croix sparkling water while I study
21. I am a junior in college
22. My favorite foods are chicken, broccoli, sweet potatoes, and dark chocolate
23. I visit New York every summer to see my family
24. I own a lot of coral lipsticks
25. I enjoy back to school shopping
26. I have naturally curly hair
27. I live with my two best friends (who often take my photos!)
28. I am Irish and Italian
29. I love the beach, but the ocean sometimes terrifies me!
30. I am five feet six inches
31. My room is 'organized chaos'
32. I love yoga pants
33. I am afraid of airplanes
34. I love to write and I have published a few articles in my school's magazine
35. I love crafts (like this cute tray) and making jewelry (like this cute bow ring)
36. I enjoy bike riding
37. My favorite type of cake is red velvet
38. I love Publix
39. I usually never return things I buy
40. I am an Aquarius
41. I am obsessed with the show Scandal
42. I love to sleep-in
43. I like Yoga but I am not very good
44. I am a VIB member at Sephora
45. I drink 4-5 cups of tea every day
46. Some of my favorite designers are Michael Kors, Elie Saab, and Kate Spade
47. I love to read
48. I cry very easily during movies 
49. I do not like the cold
50. I love social media! Follow me on my accounts below

Thanks so much for reading this post!


  1. I love posts like these, I feel like they help you get to know the person behind the blog better! I am also a total crybaby when it comes to movies... like one slightly happy or sad moment and I'm bawling like a baby... And I hate the cold as well. But I mean I'm pretty sure everyone does come this time of year! I'm more than ready for spring :)

  2. Love the fact that you’re not afraid to show people who you really are by just telling these things to your readers. i just love people like you. you’re not afraid to share your personal life, (but not too personal) but still you’re not afraid to show a part of your personal life which makes your blog more interesting.

    love always,

  3. So nice to hear about fellow people. I agree f21 pjs are the best!


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