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tea tuesday #3

How to Take Your Tea With You On the Go
Another Tea Tuesday post! This time I am talking about drinking your cup of tea on the go. Usually when I make tea it is early in the morning and I am getting ready to go to school. I will make my tea, steep it in a mug, and then transfer it into a travel mug. These are some of my personal favorites! I love collecting mugs and travel mugs...I have so many now! This Kate Spade one is super popular and I see it all over Instagram, I simply need to get one because I love the saying "Cold Hands, Warm Heart" because my Grandma used to tell me that all the time. I also love the Black and White Polka Dot one from Kate Spade, it is so chic! It has been chilly these past few days so I hope these suggestions help you when you are trying to keep warm. Don't forget to check out Rocksbox, too! I have an invite code (amandabff589) so you can test out a free month of beautiful jewelry (like these earrings from my birthday outfit! love them!)


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