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top 5 healthy habits every college girl should have

5 healthy habits for college girls

As a college junior, I have had some time to experience the highs and lows of college life. College facts & myths? Eating ramen happens, and most likely it is midnight and you haven't eaten all night because of studying. Meeting new friends also happens and the time spent together can turn into some hilarious memories. You will cry, laugh, get angry, smile, and even though you may want to skip right to graduation, you might as well enjoy the journey there. I've made a list of FIVE helpful habits every college girl should strive for to make the four years well spent!

1. Drink More Water, Eat Less Junk Food
Water is so fantastic for you, and it's important to stay hydrated every day. Did you know one glass of water before a meal can help with digestion? Or that a glass before bed can help prevent a stroke or heart attack? Carrying water around (say, maybe in this adorable Jade Contigo Water Bottle from Target, $10) will make it easier for you to keep drinking more water while on the go!

Don't get me wrong, I will treat myself to a very delicious chocolate chip cookie every now and again! Sometimes a craving will hit and I just need to eat a sweet, but as long as I keep it in moderation I believe treating yourself is fine. Making small changes to your diet can give you such great benefits. Cutting out the dreaded processed foods and replacing them with real food (veggies + fruits!) can help maintain your blood sugar levels and keep your daily sodium intake down (I took one Nutrition class last year and although I do not by any means consider myself an expert on food/health I learned so much information that I would love to share it on the blog when I can!). Eating healthy food with an occasional sweet is what I consider a healthy balance.

2. Exercise, and Make it Fun
I honestly don't know how some people can stay on a treadmill for so long each day. How do they keep it up!? I get so bored when I'm in the gym for longer than my usual 45 minute attempt and during that time I need to be moving around or else I'm heading out the door fast! I like to find other ways to secretly get a work out. Have you tried yoga? I'm sure your school gym offers some classes that are included in tuition! It is great for your core, balance, muscles, and flexibility. It is also nice when you go with a friend because the two of you can learn some moves to take away from the class and try at home. I own a yoga mat (like this adorable one) and use it from time to time at my local gym! I wear some cute clothes to get me pumped, too, like this bright blue pair of yoga pants from F21 for only $9.80 paired with a loose top like this one.

3. Step Away from the Internet
As a blogger, I spent copious amounts of time on my phone, laptop, and tablet, watching YouTube videos or scrolling through my Instagram feed. Sometimes I need a break! My eyes get so sore from constantly looking at the screens that I need to focus on something else. I like to go out and about with my friends-we like to try cool shops and stores in town! to get away from the world wide web for a bit. Walking around also gives you exercise and really makes you take time to learn new things about the city you live in. I love looking around markets and petting dogs around my local parks to get to know the people within the city limits. I suggest you start small. Try to limit yourself to using your devices for an hour less every day and see what happens.

4.Get Some Rest
Our bodies need some rest after a long day of classes and work, so getting plenty of sleep is a necessity when you stay up late most nights. As I am writing this it is 3 a.m. which is funny because I should be taking my own advice, but alas, it is a weekend so I am getting some extra blogging in! To help me sleep I drink this Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Wellness tea. Going out is fun! Hanging out with friends is always a good time! Just make sure to prioritize your health and well-being in-between all the excitement to prevent yourself from going into overdrive.

5.Try Something That Scares You
Now I wouldn't suggest jumping out of plane if you are super afraid of heights because that would not be fun, but doing one thing that scares you once in awhile can feel amazing once you do it! A lot of my friends know that I am afraid of well, a lot of things. I don't enjoy roller-coasters. I am a germaphobe. But every once in a while I will be open to trying new things (foods, rides, going to events). Start small! Invite a friend to a gym class if you are afraid to try it alone. Share a meal with someone if you don't think you'll like what new item you ordered. Life is too short - try new things and who knows, you might end up really loving what happens.

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  1. I love this post! It was good motivation to be healthier. I personally find yoga a great way to exercise, as it covers so many things such as balance, flexibility, core and abs etc.



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