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how to run a blog while attending school

While a lot of super popular bloggers make their living posting new content every day, a lot of people are just starting out and are also attending school. Whether it's middle school, high school, college, graduate school, and beyond, the balancing act that people like myself face is sometimes difficult to manage. I wanted to dedicate a post to providing some helpful insight into how I manage to run a blog while I attend a four year university! I am just basing my tips off of what has worked best for me and how I have learned to balance these two areas (academia and the Internet) of my life. I hope my advice helps you in some way! Please let me know some your tips in the comments below.

1. Plan outfits ahead of time!
What has been working best for me is planning outfits out the night before I want to shoot them. I go on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and finally my closet to gather a final idea with different pieces to wear the next day. This helps the getting ready process go by much more effectively! I also like to shoot in the morning or during the "golden hour" when the sun is just about to set at night! This way I look my freshest (I walk around campus from 12-7 in the Florida weather so when I get home I am not looking my best!) and can take my time taking multiple photos.

2. Write during your downtime and schedule posts!
If I know I'm going to have a super hectic week, I tend to use my weekends as times to create new content to post throughout the week! This is a time where I am not in a rush to post by 12 a.m. and have a new post immediately uploaded. I am able to make better content this way, too! Sometimes I have an entire week's worth of content scheduled so I can concentrate on schoolwork.

3. Put schoolwork ahead of blogging!
I am guilty of blogging instead of completing homework just happens! Yes, blogging is way more entertaining than learning new logarithms but I just have to tell myself that I am lucky to be in school and my focus should always been 1.School 2.Blogging.

4. Buy a tripod!
This is going to be your new best friend. Although asking your friends to help you out is honestly such a helpful thing, investing in a tripod has its perks! You can take photos whenever you want/can and get your content up faster. This is my tripod and is it so worth the $30.

5. Keep posting!
Being consistent will really build your audience and make people return to your blog. On some days you might only have a dozen page views while another day you have hundreds or thousands! Although it may be discouraging at first, keep posting what you love and people will flock to read what you have to say if you are passionate about it!

6. Find a cool place to write on campus!
I have a few places on campus that I have designated as my "writing areas". These are places that I can be by myself and not be bothered when I need to compose new content. I am able to think, construct, and execute great posts because I am focused on my blog. I tend to spend a few hours in between classes in these places.

7. Spread the word about your blog!
Part of any campus organizations?! Tell people about your blog! Get your blog noticed! Especially if you are a part of say, a fashion magazine and you run a blog with edgy fashion photos. Include your blog in a school project somehow! This will attract new readers and most likely the type of audience you want to engage with on a regular basis.

8. Include your friends!
Sometimes it does get lonely with me and my tripod...and you will probably have some moments where you think you look weird taking photos of yourself, but just learn to own it! What my friends and I like to do is make a day of taking photos by visiting new areas of town! Some of my best photos are from downtown Tallahassee where it was so much fun changing into a few different looks and spending time with my friends, too! They will love the idea and hey, maybe treat them to dessert or Starbucks after! You'll not only have photos for your blog but some awesome memories to share.

9. Go about your daily life and capture real life moments!
Nothing is more authentic than documenting events that actually happened. This may seem odd to mention, but I personally enjoy seeing people's Instagram pics of their daily lives in comparison to some altered version of reality where everything looks posed. Going to brunch with friends? Take some group shots! Walking to class and see some beautiful flowers? Tweet that! Readers will appreciate this authenticity, too.

10. Keep your priorities straight!
Do you need those beautiful Kendra Scott earrings (yes, they are gorgeous) or do you need money for groceries!? Remember to eat! Study! Think of blogging as a hobby, and a reward after you've been productive at school. It works for me!

And, finally, have a mantra. I love this quote from Legally Blonde that really keeps me motivated to continue staying true to what I believe in. It's because...

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  1. Thanks for the tips, this is super helpful!

  2. I have the same problems as you, sometimes I put blogging before school and I just can't help myself. Through I'm really lucky that I'm running my blog with my friend, still I'm a new baby at blogging and I want to know everything that is going on.
    Lots of love and I love your design,

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