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april favorites 2015

april favorites 2015

Essie Nail Polish ... this color is a gorgeous mix of blue and grey. I love it because as my roommate's mom described it, it looks like a perfect Frozen color! I bought this color last summer and it took some time to hunt it down. I saw it on Tumblr and knew I wanted to try it!

Kendra Scott Earrings ... in my April Rocksbox, I received these cobalt blue Kendra Scott earrings. I was ecstatic. I had been dreaming of buying a pair of Elle or Danielle earrings, and luckily my Rocksbox stylist sent me these exact ones! I was able to use my "Shine Spend", which is $10 you get every month you are a member toward purchasing them. My code 'affordablebyamandaxoxo' will let you try it out for a month for absolutely free! It's so easy to cancel if are not satisfied (but you might get hooked!) & the team is always ready to answer questions in my personal experience. 

Jack Rogers Flats ... purchasing these jelly shoes was a great decision last August. They were great in the Fall and now they will get me through Spring/Summer! And the best part is that they are on sale for only $40 right now...a bargain because I nearly spent double that! Unlike regular Jacks these do not require time to break in, which is something I really liked about them.

Coach Watch ... one of my most beloved Christmas presents is my Coach watch. I am such a watch person! I wear this one every. single. day. and I am so happy to have no issues with it. The band is leather and the face has large numbers which is great because I want to know what time it is quickly and efficiently. 

Simple Micellar Water ... I tried this out because it was slowly becoming a favorite of my roommate and I wanted to see what was so  great about this weird "micellar water" craze. I was surprised at how much product it does take off. I used a cotton pad and swiped it all over my foundation covered face at night to try it. Although I do want to mention that if you wear multiple layers of makeup like myself, it will require a few cotton pads/swipes to get everything off. It did a nice job keeping my face feel moisturized and not stripped dry, too. I went through the entire bottle in the month of April!

Shiseido Sunscreen ...I got a sample of this sunscreen at Sephora before my cruise and it was amazing. I am considering purchasing the $19 smaller tube because $40 is a lot for me right now. I use just a small amount all over my face and it instantly disappears. I'm talking no waiting to let it sink in, no extra rubbing, nothing! That is great when traveling and times for re-applying sunscreen while outdoors. I highly recommend this as the hot months get closer.

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  1. Wow that Essie Nail polish shade is just everything!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. I love it so much! It is a great spring shade :)

  2. Great post! lovely blog too by the way :)

    Shabna xx
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