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monday makeup favorites // 5.11.15

monday makeup favorites // 5.11.15

1. BareMinerals Blemish Remedy Foundation...I have started using this foundation on a daily basis because it gives me a flawless finish to any liquid makeup that I have applied to my face. I will usually wear my Maybelline Fit Me foundation and use this on top as a finishing powder. I love the completely matte look it gives my skin! It also contains helpful ingredients such as tea tree oil and will help "minimize the appearance of blemishes to help promote healthier, clearer-looking skin". So far I love it a lot. I wear the lightest shade, clearly porcelain (to which I have frequently made the joke--clearly, I am very porcelain!! hilarious.)

2. Urban Decau Original Eyeshadow Primer // I purchased this a while back becasue I wanted to find a product to help lock in my eyeshadow looks all day or night. This does the job. The product is lightweight and goes on smooth. A teeny tiny bit goes such a long way! I am still on my first tube of this primer. It really makes my shadows look bright and stay on when I need my eyes to look impeccable. 

3. Clinique Makeup Remover // my Mother's makeup tricks and tips include a ton of Clinique products, including this makeup remover. It has been a part of my life ever since I started wearing makeup and needed to successfully remove it all at night. I use this to take it off and it is a great way to also make sure you do not leave any remaining makeup on your face before you head to sleep. It is oil-free which is great for my skin type!

4. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Daily Calming Facial Lotion // Kudos to my roomie for giving me this lotion because I just can't stop using it! When I wash my face, I am often left with dry and red skin. This lotion helps combat those issues by giving me a face calming experience. The texture of this lotion is super odd--it feels thick but glides on really nicely and soaks into the skin instantly. I feel more at ease and less annoyed that my face is burning. I also like that it is unscented and contains aloe. Stressed skin be gone!

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