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Under $25: Tassel Finds

affordable tassel trend

1. Leslie Tassel Drop Earrings--$22
2. Mudd Tassel Teardrop Earrings--$11.20
3. Neon Yellow Lucky Seven Tassel Necklace--$20
4.Gold-Tone Crystal Ball Tasseled Drop Earrings--$20
5.Mango Black Tassel Earrings--$15
6.Bohemian Hollow Circular Tassel Earrings--$6
7.Apt.9 Tassel Teardrop Earrings--$10.40

My Friday Favorites for today is focused on one trend--tassels! I am loving it so much. I own a few tassel items, such as a pair of neon yellow earrings and a purse with tassels. I also have a key chain with a tassel on it! I have jumped on board to this trend and I am not stopping just yet. I have included some of my favorite tassel items above. Some items are from Kohls, a great store for discounted accessories! Others are from Bloomingdales and a few boutiques. How fun are these bright pink tassel earrings for only $22!? Totally my #1 pick. Are you liking this trend, too? Let me know! Have a great weekend, everyone! And as always, thank you endlessly for reading my blog, tweeting me, commenting on my Instagrams, and following along in whatever way you choose. I truly appreciate it so, so, so much! xx

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