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makeup monday favorites: september 28th

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I love getting a gel manicure, but I don't like getting my nails done when I can do it from home and get the exact same results! Not only do I skip the hassle of finding time to go to a nail salon, but I don't have to use the harmful UV lighting that all gel manicures require. Essie recently released their own version of achieving an at-home gel manicure without the UV light! I used this "gel-setter" top coat over this bright orange polish that the set came with last month and my manicure lasted me three weeks. All you do is use ANY Essie polish and apply the gel coat to finish the polish. I just applied a new Essie polish so I am hoping for the same results once again. 

There is something about buying new makeup brushes that I love. Whether it's the fact that it means I don't have to wash my old brushes or that I get to try a new brand out nothing beats getting new brushes! I have heard great things about the EcoTools brand and I wanted to test out a few of their brushes. Walgreens had some brushes that each came with $1.00 coupons I figured why not try a few! This skin perfecting brush gave me a really nice application of product when I used it with my favorite BB cream. This brush does have tiny bristles that felt a little pointy on my skin, but I actually liked how it let the product sink into my skin instead of laying on top. 

I used to use a lot back in the day and I just recently picked it up again. I liked how easy it is use to apply it over a blemish and know that it is not only covering it up but helping to heal it, too! It gives natural looking coverage and is under $10 at most drugstores. The color matches my light skintone very well and it is a product that I can layer minerals on-top of very easily without moving the concealer around. 

Fall means berry lipsticks! If you are not a fan of Zoella from YouTube then I highly suggest you watch her videos after you read this post. She is so bubbly and adorable and I watch her vlogs and beauty videos all the time. After she boasted about this lipstick being her favorite and one she wears a lot, I simply had to purchase it. I honestly think this shade should be renamed for her because she is so devoted to wearing it! It is a nice rich berry color that is slightly reddish instead of purple. It costs less than $6.00 which is wonderful. The perfect fall lipstick!

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope you enjoyed your weekend and saw the Red Moon last night. It was too cloudy where I live, so I couldn't see it!

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  1. GIRLLLLL I am all about false eyelashes!! LOVE THEM!! Would love for you to stop by my latest!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries


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