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September 04, 2015

what you may forget to pack for school

So if you're like me and you have started school for the semester, you may have trekked out to Target and Wal-Mart for some academic necessities. A planner and pens are two must-have back-to-school essentials, but did you consider a time where you might spill a latte over your shirt right before class!? In today's post I am giving some advice on things you may have forgotten to bring to school with you. These are some items I keep in my backpack, too!

back to college checklist
supergoop everyday sunscreen // tide to go stick // boscia oil blotting sheets // hand sanitizer
band-aids // trident white gum // gold/coral watch {only $9.98!} // lunch containers // revlon nail file // visine // concealer // chapstick // victoria's secret travel hairbrush // kate spade notecards // phone charger

Some highlights from my picks...definitely carry around your phone charger with you unless you have great phone battery! A small tube of concealer will be your best friend if you end up staying up super late studying. I love the Maybelline Fit Me concealer! Wear sunscreen {this supergoop! 50 + everyday sunscreen is such an amazing find} because even if it's cloudy out you may get a sunburn {is that just me and my super pale skin? maybe! but take my word for it and use precautions when walking around campus all day}. Dry eyes can happen anytime, so I bring visine for contacts with me on a regular basis because my contacts get waxy and this stuff helps me see better. A nail file may be weird but I carry one with me just in case I get a hangnail and I can't immediately get back to my apartment to fix it! In Florida, the heat is always around so my oily skin gets oiler every five minutes. Boscia makes great oil blotting sheets {only $10!} that mattify your face instantly. 
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  1. This really came in handy! You gave me some good ideas of stuff to haul along with me to school! I hate it when I get a hangnail or a stain on my shirt and don't have any supplies to fix the problem! Thanks for looking out for everyone with this post!!


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