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vibrant hi-rise leggings

This outfit has some vibrant and colorful printed leggings from American Eagle which are great for long school days. The paisley detailing and stretchy fabric make these leggings the first pair I am wearing for the fall! They are also currently on sale, so make sure to check them out in the variety of colors that they are sold in. My cozy white t-shirt is also American Eagle, and I love how it has two slits on either side of it so I can show off these leggings, because they are hi-rise. My bag is not new to the blog because I have been posting a lot of blog pictures wearing it as of late! It is just the best cross-body bag I could have purchased--not only was it affordable at $22.90, but it looks exactly like the $195 Rebecca Minkoff mini mac! It fits my wallet, phone, and even my phone charger so on days when I don't need to carry around my backpack I use this! 

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