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natural makeup and beauty favorites

natural beauty favorites

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I've compiled some of my natural makeup and beauty faves for this Monday morning! My beauty regime is slowly integrating natural and eco-friendly products, so I am excited to share some of my personal collection of new items.

I just picked this shampoo up from my last grocery tip to Whole Foods, and I am so glad I did. After just one use my super oily scalp is drier and my hair has become easier to manage! It is also on sale right now for under $7.00 which is another plus. The smell is a strong peppermint but it does slowly fade the more you wash it out. 

My hometown esthetician carries these products in her building and I have been impressed with the results I've seen from frequently using this mask. So far I have been using it every night (like it recommends) and also using it as a spot treatment overnight. The mask become tight on your face because it is actively working on extracting bad oils from your skin. The mask is also sold online for $34 and you can usually find a code from Retail Me Not for an additional 10-15% off! I am going to continue using this mask because I love it and it fits nicely into my nighttime routine.

I like using body washes that are not overpowering. Although I do like using this Bath & Body Works scent, I prefer using one that is a natural foaming body wash. This Aveeno wash is around $7.00 and I've had it for about a month now. The fragrance-free version is what I use because it is a simple way to just get clean without any intense fragrances leftover (I usually get a headache from too many scents!). 

Natural beauty is something I keep delving into because I like the fact that some products on the market contain more eco-friendly ingredients. This BB Mascara has been a favorite of mine at the moment. It doesn't make my eyes water or itch, which is great because I wear contacts and wearing mascara sometimes makes it difficult for me to keep my contacts fresh. This mascara also had a $3.00 off coupon attached to it so it made the mascara around $6.00 for me, which was a big enough incentive to test it out. It gives my lashes the right amount of length and it stays on during the school day. 

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