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how to prevent oily hair

Over the weekend I was at Aveda and I discovered that they had a service called a scalp camera consultation. My hair gets super oily because my scalp is dry, so it overproduces oils to help fight the dryness! It is so strange to me but I now understand my hair type so I can treat it properly. I've had my fair share of hair issues over the years, and just recently I've put together a routine that works best for me and my lifestyle! So before I share my top go-to products here is a little more about my hair history...

This is a photo from my very first ever blog post! My hair was dyed blonde here back in July of 2014 and very long

My hair was still blonde throughout the rest of 2014

This is my more natural hair color. My hair was not healthy though, look at those split ends! I was slowly letting the blonde fade away.

Ah, summertime! My hair was getting suuuper long at this point and was also just not looking its best. So eventually I made the decision to...

Chop it off! And I am so thrilled that I did. My current style resembles the infamous "lob" cut where your hair  is shorter in the back and gradually gets longer toward the front. I've been getting my hair treatments done at Aveda since I was in high school. My hair has never been healthier and more manageable than it is today. I have not dyed my hair since going blonde 2 years ago and I think it is for the best. The dye just made my hair feel so brittle and damaged and I think my natural color suits me best.  

The Shampoos
Avalon Organics Strengthening Peppermint Shampoo // I purchased my first bottle of this product at Whole Foods while grocery shopping. I came across this product on a beauty list of top favorites for people with oily hair! I decided to try it out because it was also recommended to me by the cashier as her favorite shampoo. This shampoo is very nice for clarifying the hair and removing excess build-up. The smell is also great because it is a refreshing peppermint. 

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo // This is what I just bought over the weekend after my scalp camera experience. The camera showed me that I have dandruff and a dry scalp, but because my scalp is dry it overproduces oils which leads to become oily. Crazy, right? The salesperson suggested I pick this product up to use in conjunction with my scalp benefits products for even more build-up removal. I used it over the weekend and haven't shampooed my hair in a few days because it hasn't felt oily yet! It also has salicylic acid in it which fights oils on your skin, so it must be great for your hair! So far the results have be wonderful and I hope to use this product on days when my hair feels really greasy. 

Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo // A huge, major thank you to two of my best friends for buying this product line for me for Christmas because my hair life has changed for the better! This shampoo does exactly what it needs to in order to get your hair feeling clean and stripped of just enough oils to feel refreshed. It also helps eliminate dry, itchy, flaky scalp issues that my hair type seems to always give me. At $21, it really is a great investment because it will last you months and does wonders to your hair and helps get to the root of the problem (ha joke ;)

The Conditioners
Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment // This is my holy grail strengthening treatment for my damaged hair. It helps heal your hair from all kinds of damage--heat styling, chemical processing, environmental exposure, and more. It is left on for 2-5 minutes and it will no doubt leave your hair feeling silky smooth! I use it once a week after shampooing to give my hair a little boost of protein to repair the damage. 

Aveda Scalp Benefits Balancing Conditioner // This is the second step to my hair routine after I shampoo. This conditioner helps me maintain my oil-free hair and leaves my scalp feeling moisturized. Since I chemically treated my hair, it always felt dry and brittle until I started to use good conditioners like this Aveda one.  

Aveda Shampure Rosemary Conditioner // This product has 25 pure flower and plant essences to help nourish your hair and make it look anew. It definitely leaves my hair looking shiny and soft. It is the first Aveda conditioner I purchased after my most recent hair cut and have been using it for months now. The minty rosemary smell lingers on your hair after you get out of the shower and is something I love about Aveda products. 
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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I usually just use dry shampoo

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


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