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a spring playlist

Good Monday morning, everyone! Today's post is a something new: a spring playlist. I love listening to new songs when the seasons change, and these are a few of my current favorites. I've highlighted these selected songs for you to discover new artists! Hopefully there is a good mix here to check out. My music taste is extremely all over the place. I enjoy basically anything that won't give me a headache! I also have a soft spot for songs that remind me of certain movie scenes. If you want to follow me on Spotify and check out the rest of the Spring 2016 Playlist you can do so for even more music. 


  1. I love Ophelia from the Lumineers! You should check out their song Cleopatra! I have those two on repeat :)


  2. It is such a great song! Ooh yes I'll check that one out :)
    Have a great day, Cristina!

  3. I love your blog, and this playlist! Twenty One Pilots is my latest obsession, and this song is perfect for spring!


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