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monochromatic black

Usually in the winter season I stick to wearing neutral tones because the weather can be dull and I save all my colorful pieces for the spring. I was inspired to create an all black look because of my Pinterest obsession that keeps me up late into the night. I like how wearing one color can look very polished and this outfit is one that I came up after my Pinterest binge! I bought this Target poncho during the fall in addition to my other aztec printed cape because they were buy one get one half-off, so I bought two of them for $30. The aztec cape is also on sale now for $10.48 so if you are like me and enjoy stocking up for future seasons while last season's clothes are on clearance I'd pick one up for yourself as soon as possible. I got so much use out of my DSW boots this winter season. When I purchased these for $50 I immediately felt remorseful because I never expected to spend so much on one pair of boots that weren't a fancy designer brand but I am so glad I did. I pretty much wore these every school day and they did not bug my feet one bit. This is one of my last winter posts because now the temps are climbing into the 80s in Florida!
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