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the best sephora hacks

I love shopping at Sephora. Whenever I am in the mall I always make my way over to the stand-alone Sephora or the one inside JC Penney's. What I don't love is when I spend tons of money in there at one single point in time. I instantly feel buyer's remorse and wonder if my purchases are justified. "Do I need that new Tarte blush?" Makeup, like fashion, has trends and new editions coming out on the regular. These are a few of my personal tips for making your next Sephora trip a success!

1. Talk to the Employees
More often than not customers tend to walk into stores thinking they already know everything about what is sold. I sometimes think this way, too. The employees working in Sephora go through tons of training in order to be super informative for all different types of clients' needs. The employees are what make Sephora such a fun place to shop at. For a beauty junkie like myself, talking about makeup with people who also love learning about brands makes the experience that much more enjoyable.

2. Sign up for a Beauty Insider Card
A lot of stores have reward programs that do not do much for customers. I have an American Eagle reward card that requires me to spend over $100 before I can even get 10% off! The Sephora card is one I find truly valuable. During your birthday month you can choose from two high-end gifts. This year it was a Marc Jacobs lipstick (pictured above!) and eyeliner, or a Fresh cleanser and face mask. You get special coupons sent in the mail for 15% your entire purchase. Every time you make a purchase you get points added to your balance. These points are redeemable for small gifts and can be used online to get samples added to a purchase. Eventually you will work your way up to being a VIB then a VIB Rogue. Each level has its own set of great perks.

3. Get Samples!!
The best tip I can offer you is without a doubt to get as many samples of products that you want to try as possible! This is by far my favorite experience at Sephora. I am always trying new foundations, face masks, and other skin care favorites because of the Sephora samples I obtain during my visits. In this way I can figure out if I am wearing the right shade of makeup for my skin tone and if certain skin care items are doing the trick. Don't hesitate to ask for samples! The employees love to show you around, but make sure to be considerate and not go overboard. I've discovered my perfect shade for Lancome foundation this way!

4. Do the Skin IQ Test
I've personally had this test done a few times and each time I the test helps me get a more precise color match for foundations. This IQ device is placed on three locations on your forehead, cheek, and neck for an accurate look at your skin color. The test results are immediately shown on an iPad and can be sent to your e-mail for further use!

5. Hold Onto Receipts--Or Don't
Quite a few times I've had to return something that just didn't work out for me to Sephora. Whether it was a consistency issue in a liquid foundation, the fact that something broke me out, or my regret paying $50 for a face mask, Sephora's got you covered. If you have your receipt they will give you a full refund. If you don't have your receipt they will gladly give you store credit.


  1. The samples from Sephora are my favorite! Even the little travel size items last me forever!
    Miss Olivia Says

  2. Love this post. Sephora can be so overwhelming sometimes, but I love it! :)
    Fash Boulevard

  3. Sephora is one of the places where I can spend so much time without noticing it!
    This post was a great help for all the makeup lovers like me!! xx

    Kayleeć…£JK's Dawn

  4. oo they look amazing! thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)



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