pretty in pink & white

top: american eagle {no longer available, similar} // jeans: american eagle //
crossbody bag: kate spade // hat: forever 21 {similar $16} // shoes: jack rogers 

This is the first all week that I look like myself again! I've had the worst luck the past few days...after an amazing trip to see a close friend get married and a day spent at Disney World {did you catch my 'What to Wear to Disney' post?!}, I wound up getting a bad cold AND spraining my foot! I had the weekend to recover only to get food poisoning on Thursday night, ugh! 

I am finally feeling normal and am so happy to post new pictures to Affordable by Amanda today! I could not wait to shoot this look because this top is the cutest bohemian piece I've found in some time. I love the vintage vibe to it and how it ruffles all the way down. My trusted white jeggings are getting some use in these 70 degree temps before I have to pack them away in my closet until the fall! I am also loving this dark nude shade on my lips, a NYX favorite called Tea and Cookies! On my feet are a new pair of Jacks. My silver ones are still with me, but when I saw these at the outlet mall I was glad to see they were on sale. They are in the color "Rust" and are the Navajo sandals. Time to break them in this summer! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week!

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what to wear at disney world

Tomorrow I am (hopefully!) heading to Disney World in Orlando. The forecast says it may thunderstorm, but if all goes well I am heading to the Magic Kingdom for a mini-vacation. As a Florida kid I grew up visiting Disney a lot. Back in the day when it used to be way cheaper my sister and I would go every so often during the summertime. I have fond memories of meeting the cast members and enjoying the rides. With the unpredictable Florida weather upon us, I decided to dedicate a post to outfit planning for all types of conditions! These are a few of the ideas I am using to figure out my own look for Friday.

disney outfit

Kohl's graphic t-shirt $12.99 // lace shorts // converse sneakers //
Steve Madden fringe backpack // red raybans 

This first look is most likely the one I am going to recreate! I purchased a graphic tee with Mickey Mouse on it from Wet Seal and immediately knew I needed to wear it at the park. Disney is a place where people are not afraid to wear their best Disney threads! Most of the time park goers are in Disney t-shirts, shorts, and comfy shoes. Loose t-shirts are the best way to beat the heat. Avoid tight-fitting clothing altogether!
This is not the place to dress up and look super fancy. You will be sweaty and hot all day long, Florida is a humid and sunny place after all! It will be warm if you plan on vising any park between now and the fall.

When thinking about what to wear, definitely be comfortable. You will be walking around for hours and hours! Sneakers and your favorite broken-in shoes are the ones to wear. I also like wearing my white Converse because they have lasting power and do not hurt my feet. 

disney outfit #2

lace-up top (loving this aerie one for $13!) // chic crossbody (less expensive one) // adidas superstar sneakers // denim shorts (these are under $15)

Here is a chic approach to dressing for the parks: a cool lace-up top and denim cut-offs keep any fashionista feeling comfy and looking trendy! These Adidas sneakers are everywhere right now and they double as a durable sneaker for all the walking you will be doing. Keep all of your belongings in a crossbody bag like this one for easy access to your phone and wallet.

a day in thomasville, georgia

Tank Top: Joe Fresh (this one is $5!) // Shorts: High-Waisted Linen Old Navy Gingham Shorts (now $13.97!) // Necklace: Kendra Scott Rayne in Mother of Pearl // Purse: Kate Spade (old, similar here) // 

I'm back at it with another outfit post on this lovely Monday. This look is from my post-graduation {did you read my graduation post yet!?} trip with my Mom to Thomasville, Georgia. It is only 40 minutes outside of Tallahassee. I wanted to show her around this town because I went there with my friends on my birthday and loved it so much! We ate at a local restaurant called Savannah Moon & Bakery Cafe. I had a turkey, brie and fig panini with chips for lunch and a decadent chocolate banana cake for dessert. I would definitely eat there again! 

Gingham is a print I've worn before {like in this post, and in this old post!} and now I own these high-waisted shorts  to style many times over. They were on sale even more in the store-down to just $7.99! I knew the weather was going to be comfortable so these shorts were the right choice. My white tank top is Joe Fresh and I found one for only $5. Thank you for visiting Affordable by Amanda today! Have a great week ahead :)

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graduation celebration 2016

On April 30th 2016 at 9:30 in the morning, I officially graduated from Florida State University.

It has taken me four years to get to where I am right now. Four years of uncertainty, happiness, nervousness, laughter, tears, and sighs of relief. Four years of questioning everything. Four years of trying to figure out where I fit into the world. These past four years have been the best, and the sometimes the worst, times of my life.

I'm not going to pretend like graduating doesn't scare me--because it does. Though my Facebook pictures and posed Instagrams highlight the happiest photos of a smiling me, inside I feel some mixed emotions. Tallahassee has been my home away from home for quite some time now. I consider this place a key factor in challenging me to grow as an individual. I learned how to live on my own for the first time here. Starting out in a teeny tiny dorm was my first step in becoming an adult. I learned how to get around town without a car. I actually learned how to cook a few things (after several unfortunate incidents!). I joined some amazing magazines at Florida State that helped me realize how much I love to write.

On the flip side to all the wonderful things I have encountered during my time in college, I also learned what failure felt like. I concentrated so much on my high school career that I figured college would be sooo easy. The rude awakening I got during freshman year made me rethink a lot of things. These set-backs made me feel like maybe I wasn't good enough for college. I was able to reevaluate my decisions and eventually I got back on track, but not without a difficult struggle to feel like I could be successful once again.

I also figured out another part of my life that I never thought existed until college. I discovered that I suffer from anxiety. I started to recognize the fear I have of large groups of people, the fear I have of social interactions, and the fear I have of talking to authority figures as symptoms of something that could be considered a mental illness. Having anxious feelings while in college can make school more difficult. Some things I did to cope with anxiety were arriving super early to class to choose the best seat and wear a watch so I could keep track of how much time was left in class. I dreaded class presentations, and luckily my Econ major lacks giving those! Over the past few years I've realized that having anxiety means I need to keep trying to overcome the obstacles it forces me to face head on.

Another major event in my life that made me look at things through a new perspective was with the loss of my Grandmother. In April of 2014, she unexpectedly passed away at 85. Some people are never that close to a grandparent because of distance, but my Grandma grew up with me. She lived in my childhood home with my sister and I for most of my life. She drove us to school, picked us up from school, cooked us dinner, and repeated that pattern for 18 years. She was always around and I never thought she would ever leave my side because when you are young you think everyone will always be there for you. She did so much for me and I know she is proud of my accomplishments. I loved her so much and I really wished she could have seen me walk across that stage on Saturday. I wore a gold ring of hers that had two hearts to symbolize her presence.

College was fun. College was rewarding. It the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I am so thankful for the people I've met along the way (especially my wonderful roommate, Jessica, for her everlasting support!) and for the people who have stuck by me for many years. I am so glad I am finally at a point in my life where I can make new choices and start a new path.

So where will my path take me? I'm currently trying to figure all that out! To those asking what my immediate plans are, I have to tell you a simple "I don't know yet". I see myself in fashion. I see myself working at a magazine. I see myself as a writer, a social media guru, an employee of Her Campus media. For now I'm going to keep sharing my outfit posts onto this blog as a navigate the future of Affordable by Amanda.

Thanks for reading all of this. I hope to continue posting college advice because I think I may have some more tips to write about!