Intro To Fall: Dark Denim + Off-the-shoulder Top

Top: Hollister {similar HERE for $19.20} // Jeans: JC Penney Brand Indigo Rein {only $24.99!}
Purse: Forever 21 {similar HERE for $28} // Belt: Black Woven Belt  // Necklace: Topshop {similar} // Sunglasses: Nordstrom BP. Department Round Sunglasses {just $12}

Happy Halloween!! I can't wait to check Instagram to see what everyone is wearing tonight. I'm going to attempt to recreate a cute makeup tutorial on YouTube but I'm terrible at winged eyeliner, so stay tuned!
When I went to West Palm Beach last weekend I did a lot of shopping. Well, it was definitely bargain shopping a its finest! I found these jeans from the brand Indigo Rein (which is sold at Macy's and JCPenney's) for $17. At first I was thinking, "You just spent $40 on your favorite brand of jeans! You don't need anymore!" but when I find jeans that fit...I have to invest. Jeans are not like t-shirts--there is no one size fits all kind of deal. I love the slight trips down the front and the wash just dark enough to make my creme off-the-shoulder top look fall-ready. 
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The Double-Buckle Belt

Credit: Loli & The Bean
Credit: Loli & The Bean
Credit: Holly Boyd
One huge trend that has been all over the web as of late are double-buckle belts. Whether you use them to cinch a dress or add some edge to your button-up skirt, a double-buckle belt is an essential for Fall 2016. I own one and I've used it to spice up a simple jeans and off-the-shoulder top before. Of course nobody wants to spent a ton of money on trendy pieces! I've got you covered with these belts featured below and all of them are under $20, score! 

Double Buckle Belts

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Cozy Fall Picks

fall sweater

H&M Sweater // River Island Ripped Denim Jeans //
  Coat // Steve Madden Boots // Similar Suede Purse

A simple fall checklist includes cozy cable knit sweaters, denim jeans, and over-sized coats. I've been slowly assembling my 'fall' closet with these pieces. When I was in West Palm Beach I found a new pair of denim jeans from the brand Indigo Rein for $16.99. The material they use for these jeans make them fit perfectly. The dark wash is also great for layering sweaters with.  I also had to look away from all the great bags at TJ Maxx that looked just like this one. Cross-body bags with leather flaps are SO in right now for fall...and I also need to get this one because it's from Forever 21 and only $19.90 !!

scarves for fall

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New Ripped Jeans by The Beach

PHOTOS BY: Mary Parkhill
Top: Belle + Skye $10 // Jeans: Rhapsodielle {similar HERE originally $179, on sale for $37} //
Shoes: Jack Rogers Sandals // Necklace: Borrowed {similar HERE $9} // Purse: Thrifted! {similar one HERE and HERE}

It's Monday! I was lucky enough to shoot some beach photos with the lovely and talented Mary Parkhill last weekend. This look features a brand new pair of ripped up jeans from a store called Rhapsodielle. They are a gray faded wash and were $27! My top is old but this one is just as nice and on budget. I also am wearing the heck out of my new bag that was thrifted for $6. This one looks just like it, though!

I spent the weekend in West Palm Beach visiting my best friend who lives there now. Basically we did my two favorite things: shop and eat. If you didn't already see on Instagram, I had some delicious banana's foster french toast for brunch on Sunday. Thankfully we walked around the downtown area to work off what we ate! It was so fun catching up and I know I'll be back again. It also dropped down to 68 degrees on Sunday morning and we wore sweaters because that's what Floridian's do when we think it's "cold". 

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A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Top: Old Navy Flannel {15} // Skirt: Charlotte Russe {old, similar HERE}
Ankle Boots: A Local Boutique {similar HERE}

My sister and I decided to channel our inner fall-loving selves and drove to a local pumpkin patch! The one we stopped at wasn't crowded, too. We both attempted to dress the part-me in my flannel top and button-up skirt with ankle booties and my sister in her green lace-up top. I actually found my Old Navy flannel while thrifting on Saturday. It said it was an XL, but upon trying it on I liked the over-sized way it fit me! This skirt has also been in my closet for some time now and I love pairing it with all different types of tops. I tucked the flannel top in it and called it a day. My sister and I picked out two cute pumpkins to take home and decorate. A trip to the pumpkin patch is just what we needed to make Florida feel as festive as places up North, ha ha.  
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Makeup Monday: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Color Wheel

It's Monday and I wanted to revive something I used to do all the time-Makeup Mondays! Today's post is all about this gorgeous color wheel from Tarte Cosmetics. I've used a few Tarte products that have become favorites: this blush is one I wear on a daily basis, obviously before I purchased this new blush palette

This palette has 10 different shades. It has a combination of blushes and highlighters. Most of the shades are matte and a few are shimmers. The top include the exclusive shades: Idol, Mod, Deco, Surreal, and Cluture. The bottom include: Concept, Icon, Montage, Ironic, and Crafty. The palette itself its in a purple and gold abstract graphic and the inside is a shiny gold. So far I have only tested two of the blushes. I like the shade 'Mod' because it is a matte dark coral that pops against my fair skin. 

The palette is $44 at Sephora, but you get 10 unique shades that can value for $20 per color! Just the Tarte highlighter alone is $ this wheel is worth it. I definitely debated buying it in the store, but since I love wearing blush I justified my splurge! This was an early Christmas present to myself. Thanks so much for visiting the blog, have a great week!

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DIY: How To Make Your Own Acrylic Painting

I was scrolling through Pinterest and found tons of easy acrylic paintings to create myself. I wanted to make something using blues and greens for the blue bathroom we have. Once I knew what supplies I needed, I headed out to Jo Ann's. Here is a list of what I purchased for my artwork:

I used THIS acrylic paint from Martha Stewart on my canvases. I purchased 10 10x10 canvases from Jo Ann's for just about $24 (but then I used a 50% off coupon so it was roughly $13!) I also bought a paintbrush kit  so I had a variety of brushes to choose from. 

Definitely don't start your project unless you put down old newpaper or trashbags to keep the surface you paint on clean! I recommend painting outside if you can to prevent any mishaps. 

This is the first coat of paint I made onto my first canvas. I wanted the base to be green so the rest of the colors could blend in nicely. I mixed the green acrylic paint with some white.

This is the piece of cardboard I used throughout my painting. I just ripped off a piece from a cereal box! This creates the texture of the adding in a few more colors like dark blue into some white, the cardboard helps spread the colors apart and form a cool mix of horizontal and vertical lines of paint.

And this is one of my finished pieces! I am thrilled with the results. The pattern is the right amount of random and it includes all the colors I wanted to see. I am glad that I chose to paint a light green base, too, because it helps the rest of the blues show through. 

White + Baby Blue

Top: Ann Taylor Loft {old, similar HERE for under $14 //
  Shorts: Altar'd State High Waist Tulip {similar here for $9 and here for $12 and here for $13.20}
Bag: Kate Spade Crossbody {old, similar dupe HERE for $20}
Sandals: Jack Rogers Whipstiched Flip Flop in Gold Metallic 

Fall has yet to hit Florida, so I am still wearing shorts! I picked up these baby blue scalloped ones from the mall a few weeks ago for $10. I am drawn to blue tones and I do not own any shorts in this color yet. This structured white eyelet top goes perfectly with the shorts for a polished look. As much as I want to pick pumpkins and wear my favorite over-the-knee boots, I'll just have to patiently wait a few more weeks for the summertime heat to fade. 

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