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DIY: How To Make Your Own Acrylic Painting

I was scrolling through Pinterest and found tons of easy acrylic paintings to create myself. I wanted to make something using blues and greens for the blue bathroom we have. Once I knew what supplies I needed, I headed out to Jo Ann's. Here is a list of what I purchased for my artwork:

I used THIS acrylic paint from Martha Stewart on my canvases. I purchased 10 10x10 canvases from Jo Ann's for just about $24 (but then I used a 50% off coupon so it was roughly $13!) I also bought a paintbrush kit  so I had a variety of brushes to choose from. 

Definitely don't start your project unless you put down old newpaper or trashbags to keep the surface you paint on clean! I recommend painting outside if you can to prevent any mishaps. 

This is the first coat of paint I made onto my first canvas. I wanted the base to be green so the rest of the colors could blend in nicely. I mixed the green acrylic paint with some white.

This is the piece of cardboard I used throughout my painting. I just ripped off a piece from a cereal box! This creates the texture of the adding in a few more colors like dark blue into some white, the cardboard helps spread the colors apart and form a cool mix of horizontal and vertical lines of paint.

And this is one of my finished pieces! I am thrilled with the results. The pattern is the right amount of random and it includes all the colors I wanted to see. I am glad that I chose to paint a light green base, too, because it helps the rest of the blues show through. 

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