My Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

WARNING: There are spoilers throughout this post. Proceed with caution if you haven't finished the show!

The Gilmore Girls first entered my life in middle school. When I came home from school in 2007, the show would be playing repeats at 3:00 p.m. Little did I know that this show ended production the same year I started watching bits and pieces of it. 

It wasn't until Netflix released all seven seasons that I became fully immersed in the Stars Hallow community. I was addicted. Hooked. Immediately drawn to the relationship between mother and daughter. As a daughter I could see my own relationship with my mother in some episodes, too. Yet the bond between Lorelai and Rory is simply extraordinary. They know each other better than anyone else and share more than just a love for Poptarts and the Godfather. The two women, so close in age, grew up together throughout the series. It wasn't until 2016 that their relationship would be brought back to life. 

When I first found out about the revival, I was so surprised! I kept thinking, "How can they get all the actors together at the same time?" Somehow they did it. I stalked all of the entertainment websites for fresh updates on which cast members announced their returns. When Lauren Graham tweeted the confirmation I needed to know about a show in the works in January, I freaked out.   

Since January I have been waiting for November 25th. I read all the magazine interviews, Instagram posts, and Tumblr gifs to prepare me for the occasion. I gathered my Gilmore necessities, coffee and Poptarts, and plopped on my couch for a few hours to watch the show fill in 10 years of missing facts. I have character evaluations for the lead roles:

Lorelai Gilmore: She finally married Luke. Thank you, Amy. This was so important because after she went on her "Wild" adventure she realized she needed to marry him. I didn't really think the two of them discussing having a baby was too necessary because they each have a wonderful daughter, but it was a nice segway into Paris's role in the show. When she calls Emily from the mountain top and tells her about her favorite memory of Richard, I teared up so much! I could just imagine her being in that beautiful, serene place and missing him. I am so happy that the Inn is still very successful and that she doesn't need Luke for financial reasons at all. I can see how she got upset over Rory's book idea-I probably wouldn't want someone else writing about my private life either! But she gets over it because that's what she does and because she knows Rory would write an amazing story. 

Rory Gilmore: Ok, so Rory is definitely a mess. She starts off dating some random guy named Paul who she claims has met her family before but no one remembers him. Then it's apparent that when she flies to London every few days it seems she's with Logan who is ENGAGED to some other woman! Rory, you were already "the other woman" to Dean, remember?! Don't get me wrong because I love Logan #TeamLogan but this is just not fair. She went to flipping Yale and she tries to work some famous Brit to write a biography about her life but that falls through. When she eventually becomes editor of the Stars Hallow Gazette, I was like, okay this can work. Jess (also #TeamJess on the side) helps her come up with the brilliant idea to write a book about her relationship with her mother which is genius. I need another season to finally feel happy though because those four last words happened...

Emily Gilmore: She is hands down the hightlight of this whole shebang. After losing Richard, she feels totally lost. Heck, she's sleeping in until noon! Who is this new Emily? She hires help and KEEPS the help (and her family!), she tells off the ladies of the DAR (and says Bullshit like 4 times!), and she wants to see her house and move to Nantucket with a new boy toy (well, friend of Richard's). Emily is a total badass. She is queen. She is everything I could have wanted for her in this revival. Yes, Richard's death was a huge adjustment. Now she is finally her own person. She even has a JOB working at a whale museum. She has certainly come a very long way from her housewife duties. I am so proud of her character development and I hope if there are more seasons she becomes even more independent and free-spirited.

Richard Gilmore: He was not forgotten at all throughout the four parts, and I am thankful for this. He was one of the most beloved characters on the show. He loved Emily, Lorelai, and Rory with his huge heart and even left room for Luke. The fact that he left money for Luke to franchise his diner was a sweet moment to watch. Yes, you can argue he wanted to make sure Lorelai would be taken care of but I like to see it as an acknowledgement of Luke's potential. His huge mural in the Gilmore estate cracked me up and his funeral made me well-up. 

The Boys:
The Logan situation bothered me because he is engaged which is not cool but he has to continue the "dynasty" which I get because he's from a wealthy family. Yep he is still as charming as ever and is the main guy Rory calls when she is scared and when The Life and Death Brigade show up it was amazing. Dean's part was nice. He has a big family with kids now and a wife. Rory's kind words about portraying him as the perfect first boyfriend was a great way to end their talk. Oh, and Jess. He is still in love with Rory! The last scene in Fall when he looks at her through the window...I do believe Jess is to Rory as Luke is to Lorelai.  

Thanksgiving 2016

Shoes: Kohl's {similar here}

My sister and her cat, Rio!
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Madison's Outfit:
Top: Revolve

 I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I spent it with my closest friends and my best friend Nicole cooked us all a delicious meal. Turkey, homemade stuffing, fresh mashed potatoes-she did the works! I am so grateful to have her and her sister Madison in my life. They mean more to me than they could even know. And yes, I am still friends when them when I am forced to take their dog out for a walk and pick up his poop. Ah, the things you do for friends! Anyway onto my outfit: I was browsing Target and found this great keyhole bell sleeve dress on SALE and I didn't even have to try it on because I knew it would most likely fit. I love the bell sleeve trend and it is just the right length. I also just wore casual brown sandals because we were eating inside for most of the night.
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November Ipsy Bag Review

I have been subscribed to the Ipsy beauty box for about six months now. There have been some months where I'm thinking, "Wow this is such a waste of money I don't like anything!". Once you continue to retake the style quiz a few times Ipsy can get a better idea for what products to send you. My November bag has been my favorite so far and I wanted to share what products I was sent!

1. Delectable by Cake Beauty Ultra Nourishing Hand Cream
Retail Value: $12

I like using hand creams during the winter because my hands get very dry. I was happy to find this hand cream in my Ipsy bag. It also has a sweet mint scent to make it even more winter appropriate. It contains shea butter and coconut oil without parabens and harmful sulfates found in most body products {unfortunately a lot of Bath & Body Works products contain sulfates}. It works wonders for my cuticles, too, adding some much needed moisture back into my hands.

2. Adesse New York Organic Infused Nail Treatment Base Coat
Retail Value: $18
This vegan and cruelty free base coat is perfect for prepping my nails for a new color. It also promises a gel finish so it looks just as good as it would if you went to a salon.

3. Luxie Rose Gold Small Duo Fibre Brush 
Retail Value: $18
Firstly, I love rose gold, so when I unwrapped this brush I could not contain my excitement. The size of this stipple brush makes it so easy to travel with. It is wonderful for all makeup types- both powder and liquid foundations.

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
Retail Value: $12
I already love this mascara so much and now I have a brand new tube to use when my current one runs out of product! It lengthens and lifts your eyelashes beautifully.

5. Japonesque Pixelated Color Finishing Powder
Retail Value: $26
I've never tried anything from this brand before getting this finishing powder in my Ipsy bag. The finishing powder is a highlighter so I put it on the tops of my cheekbones for a brightening effect. It also works as a beautiful shimmer eyeshadow.

The total retail value for my November Ipsy bag is: $86.00
I only pay $10 per month per bag, so this was an incredible deal. Try it out today HERE.

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October 2016 Favorites

B E A U T Y  // F A V O R I T E S 

A new product I've been using on a daily just gives the rest of my face makeup the perfect primer to stay on all day. I sometimes combine this primer with the this other Smashbox primer water...

As someone with super fair skin, I have to wear sunscreen every day. I honestly get sunburns while driving, no joke! I love this ultra sheer one by the one and only Peter Thomas Roth. It sinks into my skin and is gone in a matter of seconds so I can move on to the rest of my makeup rather quickly.

3. It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in Fair 
This also has SPF 50 built into it! I wanted to try this out for so long and when a brand new Ulta was built 20 minutes away from my house (instead of over 45 minutes) I just went ahead and bought it. It is $38 but the amount of product you get is amazing. It conceals everything I need without looking like a caked up mess. It's also apparently formulated to improve skin texture, give anti-aging properties, and increase hydration so I'm for it.

F A S H I O N // F A V O R I T E S
I first found this brand of jeans at a local Tallahassee boutique. As I write this post I am actually wearing them right now, funny enough! I've had this same pair for over two jeans and they have lasted through dozens upon dozens of wash loads. I love the skinny jeans and the boyfriend jeans equally. 

2. Old Navy Fall Line
This quilted vest is a classic piece and is marked down to $28. Don't forget about investing in a classic chambray button-up, too! This one is on sale for $26. No outfit is complete without a huge classic zippered tote bag.

3. Victoria's Secret Front-close Bralette {Just $20}
Honestly wearing a super uncomfortable bra all day is so annoying, which is why I opt for bralettes 9 times out of 10. This one is especially affordable at $20 and comes in so many colors to choose from. I personally own the black one and when I wear it with a tank top I get so many compliments on the peek-a-boo lace detailing.

M U S I C // F A V O R I T E S 

These songs are played on repeat on my Spotify right now.

F O O D // F A V O R I T E S 
1. Vanilla Chai Cupcakes ... and Chai Lattes
Chai flavored everything is how I roll during the fall. I just followed this recipe over the weekend and whipped up some delicous chai cupackes!

Another fall food favorite of mine are figs. I basically go to the check out lane of TJ Maxx just to pick up the brand I love. 

This stuff is so good for you {antioxidants!} and I usually get coupons for $1 off any juice in the newspaper ads. 

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My Sephora VIB + Holiday Picks

​Every holiday season Sephora debuts glorious collections of brand name products at a discount. These collections are usually between a $100 - $300 value and are priced at more than half off. I personally scroll through all of these holiday value sets to purchase for myself and my friends for Chirstmas. Here is a wrap up of what collections I loved the most.

1. The Chocolate Shop by Too Faced

Too Faced cosmetics carries a palette called Chocolate Bar which is infused with cocoa powder, and this new holiday edition also smells as sweet. For $58, you get an eyeshadow palette with 21 shades, a Better Than Sex mascara (a number one seller), a melted lipstick, and an eyeshadow primer. 

2. Fresh Sugar Lip Seduction 

The very first 100 point sample I received from Sephora was a Fresh cosmetics sugar lip balm. I used it for almost 2 years before it melted in the hot Florida heat in my purse. These lip balms offer a soft buttery texture that gives your lips just a hit of color. This holiday kit is $50 and valued at $84. A tip for a gift like this is to keep one or two for yourself and dole out the rest as Christmas presents!

3. Tarte Radiance Ritual Travel Set

Tarte is another brand that I love and this set combines the best in travel products. There is a four step cleanse, clarify, prime and moisture in this kit with hypoallergenic and vegan friendly skin care essentials. The kit also comes with a Drench Lip Splash Lipstick and an Amazonian Clay highlighter. One great perk about this kit is how huge the bottle sizes are! For just $32 you are getting a skin care regime and bonus makeup favorites. 

4. Sephora Favorites Lash Stash 

All of the best mascaras Sephora knows you'll love are packaged into this holiday kit. From Nars to Too Faced to Yves Saint Laurent, Sephora always produces great mascaras to try out. This kit has been altered into a Lashstash To Go collection which is now $28. 
So, what did I buy?!

Konjac Sponges $7
I only use konjac sponges to remove my makeup and cleanse my face twice day, so when I saw that these sponges were on sale for $7 I had to stock up. These sponges are super soft and lather product very nicely for both morning and evening use. 

Sephora Multitasking Brush $14 Sale

As much as I love makeup I also love finding new tools to apply it with. This multitasking brush will be great for foundations, powders, and concealers. It was also on sale for $14! And how cute is this brush to stick in my makeup bag?
Hourglass Primer $18
Primers are just as essential in one's makeup collection as brushes are. This Hourglass primer has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. It really does smooth over your pores and make them invisible. I usually purchase the $18 bottle because I can never make myself splurge on the $50 one.

Cleansing Oil $39
This is a Korean beauty product and I am so excited to try it when it arrives. I am always on the hunt for easy ways to remove my makeup and this one promises to get rid of everything. It has great reviews and I am glad that I got an extra 20% off!
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Navy + White Jeggings + Chai Tea

Top: Old Navy {old, similar HERE for $6.97 and HERE // Jeans: American Eagle Ripped Jeggings
Purse: Forever 21 {dupe for THIS bag similar HERE for $32 at Nordstrom}
I went through a huge clean-out process over the weekend to see if my skinny jeans still fit me from last year or not. After an exhaustive few hours I sorted through each pair and remembered how much I missed these American Eagle jeggings! They are still as stretchy as they were last year, luckily. My navy and white printed top is originally from Old Navy but I got it on sale so it is no longer in stores. This similar one is only $7. 

My life as a tea drinker goes like this: in the summertime I love an iced unsweetened tea from Starbucks and in the winter I drink chai tea lattes with almond milk. Pictured is my chai tea latte, however, it is iced because it still feels like summer. Thanks for stopping by!

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Fringe Shorts

Top: Target Mossimo Crew Neck Tank Top // Shorts: The Shop Boutique {similar HERE}
Shoes: Jack Rogers // Bag: Thrifted {similar HERE and HERE}

I hope you are having a wonderful week! It's starting to cool down here in Florida and now our average high is roughly 77 degrees which is wonderful. As much as I love shopping at department stores and other popular clothing chains, I also enjoy shopping local. Supporting the local economy is what I do best, haha. My shopping adventures a few weekends ago landed me in a local boutique called The Shop. This place has tons of cute, trendy pieces for any occasion. I found these Aztec printed fringe shorts on sale for $5 there. Sometimes you can score items like that! 

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Silk Shorts

Top: Joe Fresh {similar HERE and HERE } // Shorts: Wet Seal {similar HERE and HERE}
Shoes: Converse // Purse: Thrifted! {similar HERE and HERE}

My mom and I went to a park called Heritage Village and took some outfit photos while touring the old-fashioned houses. I'm wearing some silk shorts that I purchased at Wet Seal on super sale for $7! The pajama trend is something I wanted to try out for the fall and this look is my first attempt. I was immediately drawn to the dark color palette of these shorts. I also love these HERE for under $20 {from Vera Bradley!} because they are similar to the ones I am wearing. Joe Fresh tank tops are SO affordable and I love them as basic white tops. Thank you for stopping by!

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