Off-the-shoulder Top + White Jeans

Outfit Details:
Top: Ross Dress For Less //
Also THIS one from TJ Maxx for Under $25.00 
Bag: Dupe for THIS Gucci Bag Get It HERE  for less!
Heels: Boutique Find, but I adore these Urban Outfitters Heels only $29!

Did you catch the Oscars last night?! Emma Stone looked absolutely flawless and so did Viola Davis. Those women are two of my ultimate girl crushes and I am so happy for them as they each looked amazinggg! I love award show season and the Oscars are the most glamorous time for actors. Can I please wear my own custom Armani dress one day?! Cool. 

Onto this LOOK: Spring is almost here and I think these ruffle tops are going to be a big hit this season. This one I found at Ross for super cheap, and I also love THIS option and THIS option for less. These types of tops can be a little dramatic if you don't tone it down so I paired it with some white jeggings (on sale, too!). Of course I had to add some accessories like my newest bag and my fave chunky heels for some added height. Totally check these from Urban Outfitters out, they are less than $30..

Want to shop the look directly? Follow this link for this outfit + many, many more!! 


Dupe Alert! Chloe Faye Suede Bag for Under $20

I'm here again posting another dupe alert to this amazing (yet super pricey!) suede Chloe Faye Bag.
I found THIS ONE for $17. Yep, under $20! Crazy, I know. Macy's has some serious dupes. I've discovered not only this dupe but plenty of others, too. It has the same gold chain strap...the same similar circle detail on the center...and is about the same size. Save a ton of $ by investing in the more affordable pick girl! 

More Options Here:

This one is from Boohoo and is on SALE for $18

This one is from DSW and is just $29.95. 
I LOVE the color!

Another blush tone bag from Missguided, $40

I hope you enjoyed these bags for way less!
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Striped Crochet Hem Sweater + Hair Care Routine

Outfit Details:
Sweater: Kohls (similar $19.98 HERE) / (similar at Gap for $23 HERE)  / (similar  

Hair Care For This Look!
Blow Dryer: Conair Hair Dryer 

Hello everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by Affordable by Amanda. Today's post is all about sweaters and jeans, with a glimpse into how I get my hair to look its best. I love stripes, and this lace sweater is just what I need for a chilly day out. The lace crochet details are slight and feminine. Now to my gorgeous pendant necklace-Kendra Scott makes the best pieces that seem to flatter mostly everything I wear! I've owned this pendant necklace for over two years, yes, TWO YEARS! and still seem to pair it with anything. Recently I was gifted this Elisa necklace for my birthday and also wear it on a regular basis.

For my hair care I include a mix of Aveda hair products and Conair tools.

I personally get my hair cut at my local Aveda and have done so for years. I've always had great results, and I even trusted them to dye my hair once! I love this Scalp Benefits Shampoo because it really gets rid of all the build-up that my hair develops over time. I have awfully oily roots and this stuff gets in there to eradicate it like a plague. That was dramatic but pretty much the best way to sum up the magic that this shampoo performs on my scalp. I highly recommend investing in it if you also suffer from super oily hair! For conditioner I only apply THIS product to the very ends of my hair because I do not want it to make my hair more oily. After I finishing washing my hair, I will let it air dry for a bit before blow drying it with my blow dryer and favorite round brush, both from Conair. Blow drying your hair helps it stay fresh and clean for days ahead! If I sleep on my hair while it is still wet, the greasier my roots will get.

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What I Got For My Birthday - 2017

I had SUCH an amazing birthday and am so thankful for all of the love I received. I did not expect all of these perfect gifts. I am going to share them today so I can remember to thank the people who gave them to me again! My favorite places are: Sephora, Starbucks, Bath & Body Works, and Kendra Scott..and I now have items from each of those places!

Bath & Body Works Candle // Sephora Belif Kit 

 I love candles and this one is so so cute! Thanks Laura for the Instagramable candle ;)

My friend Nikki gave me this Belif kit filled with amazing skin care products that I already LOVE and use on a regular basis! Thank you so much.

My bff Nicole secretly had me pick out my own gift! She gave me the Tarte Pro Palette and I think the colors are soo beautiful! I am having fun trying out new looks.

I also love Starbucks and my friend Jonny gave me this clear Starbucks mug, giftcard AND a cake pop! Now I can't wait to drink more tea.

I freaked out when I read a sign outside of my local Kendra Scott that said, "February birthdays get 50% one item." Yep. The girls inside saw my reaction and told me how much they loved it! I absolutely love the current Elisa pendant I own in rose gold, and I thought this super shiny druzy necklace would be another wonderful addition. Anddd it was half off! I wish I could have purchased more!

I've seen these journals everywhere and I am so thrilled that my sister bought one for me as a birthday present! I can't wait to keep filling in the journal as the weeks go on. What a cute way to document life events. 

Some Polaroids with my friends!
I still love my Instax Mini 8 Camera and it's on sale for under $70 at the moment. 

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Check Out My Birthday Gifts!

Mustard + Floral Print Maxi Dress

Outfit Details:
Dress: Ross (Similar HERE, and HERE)

This is what I wore for a birthday dinner over the weekend! I love the color of this dress (similar one) because it's so unique and definitely nothing I currently have in my closet. I found this dress in Ross, which is one of my FAVE stores ever, and it was...$9! Such a steal. I also think the high neckline is super cool. This dress will be worn quite a few times during spring, too. My earrings are by Kendra Scott and I wear them all the time. Her pieces can be SO versatile! My lipstick is another thing I want to point out. It's a drugstore find by NYX. Its the NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in the shade Bedtime Flirt. It is a great formula and glides on so nicely. And it's under $7! Thanks so much for all the birthday love over on Instagram, too! Have a wonderful day.


Easy Ways To Save Money Using Coupon Apps

Who doesn't love getting free money back every time they shop!?

There isn't a secret to saving money, there are strategies. I shared on my Instagram account how I saved major money at CVS the other night and it inspired me to write this post. I just recently started becoming more aware of spending money. I started to consider if what I was buying was a necessity or a want. I also have started using a few super life-changing phone apps that have helped me learn to save even more!

I love this app for giving me cash back when I shop online and in some stores. You simply go to, search for the store you want to make purchases on, and you receive a small percentage back! It's completely trusted and is not a scamming site at all. For example, on one of my Sephora purchases I spent over $70 and was able to get 4% cash back! They send you a check every so often in the mail and you can deposit it into your bank account. They have so many stores to choose from which makes shopping and receiving cash back even more fun. 

I've had the Target coupon/discount app for awhile now but if you use it wisely it can help you save anywhere from 5% to 20% off certain items. They usually have the coupons up for a few days to weeks at a time. It's free money! They love to promote their own Up & Up products a lot, so consider trying out their store brand in exchange for your name brand items. 

-ADVICE: wait until you buy the Sunday paper, cut out manufacture coupons to use, and COMBINE them for the best possible discount. I've done this with razors, toilet paper, face washes, tons of items!

Don't toss out those grocery receipts! You could be getting money back on shopping trips to Publix. In the same way that ebates works, you can earn straight up cash back with this app. You simply upload your receipt to the app, choose which items on the list you bought, and it magically scans for the items you purchased. Earn up to $1 off each item.
This app has tons of stores! It works for clothes, shoes, electronics. You get not only cash back with this app but access to hundreds of coupons for all your favorite stores. This app is also a part of the Ebates company! Every single weekly ad is also here so if you don't pick up the Sunday paper you can still see what deals are going on. 

Start your saving TODAY!

23 Things in 23 Years

23 Things in 23 Years. 

The years are flying. by. And I really need to just stay this age for a little longer than a year. I turned 23 (what!) on Tuesday and it was such an awesome birthday. I went to the mall, scored some major deals at Forever 21, drank some tea, ate some delicious brunch, and enjoyed time with family. I wanted to list 23 things that I've done/learned so far in this life of mine..

I have had the courage to start my own blog. I have lived through hurricanes (literally and figuratively, speaking here). My eyesight has worsened but at least I own cute glasses. I've lived with my best friends. I have inside jokes with my closest friends and I've cried from laughing too hard. I have failed. I have been tested by forces out of my control and I am learning how to conquer living with anxiety. I have spent hours watching TV and falling in love with characters that only exist on the screen, but have had an impact on my real life. I figured out how to cook at least one thing. I learned how to be a leader for a team. I still haven't quite mastered the 'driving without yelling at people' thing, but I'm trying. I discovered that you can mix multiple hobbies and come up with your own version of a career path. I learned how to take care of a cat! (Thanks, Rio+Kayla). I became more social media savvy (it's such a time consuming and constant process for everyone). I decided to take time to focus on my own version of working out. I consistently believe that what you do in your own life should not matter to anyone else (and I try to hold myself to it). Before you love someone else you must learn how to love yourself. I will always love Taylor Swift even if people don't. I learned how to save $ and stop spending it on dumb things. I drank so much tea it's probably swimming in my veins by now. I learned how to value time spent with others because you never know when you'll see them again. I'm working on saying 'thank you' instead of 'it's ok' because most of the time the situation is not 'ok'. 


January 2017 Favorites

Another month has come and gone. The first month of 2017 flew by! Now it's February, which is my birthday month! I'll be celebrating on Tuesday. Before my birthday weekend begins, I wanted to quickly run down my January Favorites today. I was adventurous this month: trying out new skin care and makeup products galore! These are the ones that made the cut.


After watching one of my favorite YouTubers, thataylaa talk about how much she loves this foundation, I decided to pick it up from Sephora. I bought the lightest (and newest!) shade Porcelain because it would be a perfect match. I was pleasantly surprised by how much coverage it gave me and how long-wearing it is. It also has 20% water which is great for hydrating the skin! The formula is also hypoallergenic, antioxidant-packed, and has SPF 15. 

Did I consider buying a Kylie Jenner Burgundy Palette? Absolutely. I was in love with the orange and red tones that palette had! However, it was pricey and I didn't feel like feeding into the Kardashain-Jenner Kaos, so I opted for a MUCH more affordable choice-this Milani eyeshadow palette. For $10.  It has so many options for mixing in orange with brown hues, too. Definitely worth the 10 bucks!!

So I don't own the huge bottle of this stuff (yet!) but I picked it out as a sample from Sephora and I realllyy like it. The smell is nice and tea tree-like and its supposed to help: reduce pore size, mattifying oily skin, cool signs of redness, and prep your skin! I think it's been doing a fine job so far. It has been a go-to primer toner for me in the morning.  

By now you may realize I have very pale skin from reading about my Tarte Porcelain purchase. I know how important it is to protect my skin and I do so every single day. Even on cloudy days! I invest in great sunscreens because I need something that will give my all-day coverage. It also does not leave any crazy residue behind like most sunscreens! I love Supergoop! proucts for this reason. I purchased this kit from Sephora and have been using the "Everyday Sunscreen" for the whole month, and I know I will be repurchasing it when I run out. 

I own way too many cards/giftcards to have a tiny little purse, haha. This wrislet may be too big for some people but it fits all the essentials: cards, money AND my large cell phone! Woo! I found it at the outlets for under $100 and it's also online here. It has been my everyday wallet for the past month!
I pretty much try to add this piece into any outfit I can! It's black so it goes with anything and I like putting it over plain, basic t-shirts (like this one here). Mine is from Nordstrom

-Suits (TV Show)

I basically was out of commission last Friday so I naturally needed something to keep my mind occupied. Enter: Suits On Demand. I started watching the only season they had available which was the latest, season 6, and now I'm hooked. Luckily I can watch the rest of seasons 1-5 on Netflix!!

I've been using Poshmark to sell some items lately and it's been a wonderful experience. Right now I'm selling some cute Kate Spade and Coach pieces, so click here to check out my closet. 

That's all for January's favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by! 
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