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23 Things in 23 Years

23 Things in 23 Years. 

The years are flying. by. And I really need to just stay this age for a little longer than a year. I turned 23 (what!) on Tuesday and it was such an awesome birthday. I went to the mall, scored some major deals at Forever 21, drank some tea, ate some delicious brunch, and enjoyed time with family. I wanted to list 23 things that I've done/learned so far in this life of mine..

I have had the courage to start my own blog. I have lived through hurricanes (literally and figuratively, speaking here). My eyesight has worsened but at least I own cute glasses. I've lived with my best friends. I have inside jokes with my closest friends and I've cried from laughing too hard. I have failed. I have been tested by forces out of my control and I am learning how to conquer living with anxiety. I have spent hours watching TV and falling in love with characters that only exist on the screen, but have had an impact on my real life. I figured out how to cook at least one thing. I learned how to be a leader for a team. I still haven't quite mastered the 'driving without yelling at people' thing, but I'm trying. I discovered that you can mix multiple hobbies and come up with your own version of a career path. I learned how to take care of a cat! (Thanks, Rio+Kayla). I became more social media savvy (it's such a time consuming and constant process for everyone). I decided to take time to focus on my own version of working out. I consistently believe that what you do in your own life should not matter to anyone else (and I try to hold myself to it). Before you love someone else you must learn how to love yourself. I will always love Taylor Swift even if people don't. I learned how to save $ and stop spending it on dumb things. I drank so much tea it's probably swimming in my veins by now. I learned how to value time spent with others because you never know when you'll see them again. I'm working on saying 'thank you' instead of 'it's ok' because most of the time the situation is not 'ok'. 


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