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Dupe Alert! Chloe Faye Suede Bag for Under $20

I'm here again posting another dupe alert to this amazing (yet super pricey!) suede Chloe Faye Bag.
I found THIS ONE for $17. Yep, under $20! Crazy, I know. Macy's has some serious dupes. I've discovered not only this dupe but plenty of others, too. It has the same gold chain strap...the same similar circle detail on the center...and is about the same size. Save a ton of $ by investing in the more affordable pick girl! 

More Options Here:

This one is from Boohoo and is on SALE for $18

This one is from DSW and is just $29.95. 
I LOVE the color!

Another blush tone bag from Missguided, $40

I hope you enjoyed these bags for way less!
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