Tropical Printed Romper

Outfit Details:

SUNGLASSES: Steve Madden Fashion Sunnies

Rompers are just my THING at the moment! It seems like every outfit I post is a romper, ha ha! They are just too darn comfy not to buy apparently. THIS PRINT is the right one for summertime fun. It has pom-pom detailing that breaks up the pattern right in the center.

I also got it on sale for $24 instead of $44, so that made me a happy shopper.

And....these EARRINGS, too.

They are so cheap at less than $10 and are the perfect accessory to the romper I have on. I added them to my cart so fast! I am now fully stocked on cute, pom-pom earrings for the entire summer ahead! I hope you consider shopping your next look at JCPenney because it's such an underrated store (this is my honest opinion, nothing sponsored here!). I just love popping in there to see what sales they have and I am always satisfied with my experiences. 

90s Denim Skirt Trend

SUNGLASSES: Old Navy {just $6!}

So I'm pretty sure I rocked a similar skirt to THIS ONE I am wearing back in the 4th grade...and I am so glad this denim skirt revival is BACK! Forever 21 is my one-stop shop sometimes. When I'm in there, I can usually find 20 things or nothing at it, it really depends on A) my mood and B) the time I spend sorting through each selection of affordable items.

I do love this skirt though! The price point is great and it's a goes-with-everything piece I didn't mind purchasing brand-new. The length is just right, too. Of course I am non-stop donning my latest investment sandals, which are basically rainbow colored (they match with ANYTHING!!). 

In unrelated news, I have some new things I've been obsessing over lately...really quickly I'll share them in this post! I have been binge-watching the show Shameless on Netflix, and I know its already such a huge hit but I just started getting into it and I find it SO addictive! I also have been curling my hair more often, and I use THIS WAND to achieve a relaxed beachy look that lasts more than an hour! Woo!

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Are you into this 90s denim skirt trend at the moment, too?
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Top 10 Sunscreen Products For The Summer {2017}

I've tried lots of sunscreen brands in the last couple of years. Drugstore and high-end. Some leave my skin feeling sticky, greasy, or the product just slides right off. I feel like I've learned a lot there is to know about what sunscreen to pick, so I'm dishing out my TOP FAVES in today's post in honor of the summertime quickly approaching!

supergoop sunscreen

1. Supergoop! Everyday Travel Sunscreen, $10 

The Supergoop! Everyday Travel Sunscreen is my top pick if you need a sunscreen that A) absorbs SUPER fast into your skin and B) doesn't smell horrible.

I love how this sunscreen is also water-resistant and is oil-free. It works best for your face, and I usually put it under my makeup in the morning as part of my daily routine. I've already gone through two tubes of this stuff as it slowly became a top sunscreen product of mine, and I am happy to repurchase it!

I also carry sunscreen product with me wherever I go...because I get sunburns from car rides, as sad as that is! So this travel edition fits snug in my purse and in my car.

2. Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist With Rosemary Water (SPF 50!), $12-$28

Another pick from my fave Supergoop! because I am obsessed with their line of sunscreen products!

So you applied your sunscreen under your makeup for the day ahead, but what about retouching it as the sun beats down on your delicate face!?

Enter the Supergoop! Defense Refresh Setting Mist With Rosemary Water (SPF 50!). This refreshing spray has a fantastic rosemary scent and this sunscreen product will give your skin protection from the sun at the same time! 

This was my very first introduction to the Supergoop! brand, and I am happy to report that it instantly gave me the results wanted from the daily sun exposure that I receive as a Floridian.   
If you are interested in trying out the Supergoop! brand for yourself, I would consider purchasing this At Play Value Set
It's $45 from Sephora but it has so much included: A spray sunscreen, a lip balm, and two everyday sunscreen face products. I purchased it myself a few months back and I've run out of two of the products so far, so it has lasted me awhile. 

3. Supergoop! Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF 50, $19-$34

OK please understand that this entire list will not just pertain to Supergoop! products, but I do love them so I need to share the wealth! ;)

If you reallllyyy hate sunscreen because it is sticky and messy, this mousse is just the right texture for you!

They just started selling this type of sunscreen product in Sephora not too long ago, and it has been making the rounds as a new summertime sunscreen fave from top beauty product reviewers.

This is super rich and is great for people suffering from dry skin. The whipped formula has oils in it to act as a daily moisturizer, too, so your skin will not only be protected from the harsh rays but it will feel hydrated all day long.

4. Ocean Potion Protect & Renew FACE, SPF 35, $9.59 at Target

This anti-aging protective sunscreen product has peptides and Vitamin E to make sure your skin can fight off wrinkles associated with UV light.

I've been using this product for a few years now, and even though it says for your face, I lather it over my entire body for every day wear.

It's also super affordable at Target for under $10.

5. Coppertone Clearly Sheer Continuous Spray, $11

This drugstore sunscreen product works well for people who don't want to clog their pores.

Coppertone is known as a great sunscreen brand, and this new look from them is another option for your sunbathing needs. 

It also promises to be "clearly sheer" so there is no white filmy residue left behind once you spray this product onto your skin.

6. Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mineral Fluid for Face, $26

This mineral fluid soaks in fast and leaves your skin feeling less greasy once applied.

The ultra-lightweight formula is oil-free and is perfect for people who have sensitive skin types, too.

It has SPF 50 for the highest quality protection.

7. Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50+, Sephora $40

This is completely at the high-end of the sunscreen cost spectrum, but this sunscreen product is worth for money for what it does to your skin.

It's best for people who do a lot of outdoor activities: I'm talking swimming, exercising--anything that will make you sweat will definitely not interfere with this sunscreen!

The SPF 50+ is what every person who spends ample amounts of time outside needs to invest in to ensure that they receive sun protection throughout the entire time they are outside. 

8. Pacifica Sun + Skincare Mineral Face Shade SPF 30, $13

Thank you Target for bringing out a new sunscreen for me to try out!

Although I have yet to give this one a complete test, I already think I've found a new favorite sunscreen.

The Pacifica company is a super natural brand that leaves out harsh chemicals in all of their products. I already own quite a few of their beauty and skin care items, so I knew I had to give their sunscreen a whirl.

9. Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate SPF 30 Lotion, $12

Just for the amazing smell alone, I LOVE this sunscreen product so much!!

It is water resistant for 80 minutes and it combines nourishing oats in its formula to simultaneously hydrate and protect your delicate skin. 

A note on this formula: it is THICK and CREAMY, so if you like sheer coverage, see the Coppertone pick above. 

I keep this sunscreen in my car and apply it on my long drives to keep my arms protected from the sun! (Pale girl problems, am I right?!)

10. Peter Thomas Roth Max Sheer All Day Defense Lotion, $42

This super lightweight sunscreen product is also a high-end pick, however, I have been on the same bottle for over a year now so this stuff can last a while.

If you have OILY or ACNE PRONE skin, choose this as your defense against the sun.

Trust me, I've used it all over my oily skin and it sinks into my face in a matter of seconds.

The extra-sheer coverage is also nice for applying this sunscreen under your makeup and the added vitamins are nice for anti-aging purposes.

Top 10 Sunscreen Products For The Summer 2017

So that's the list! Do you have any sunscreen favorites? 

Share them below so we can learn more!


Turquoise Romper

Romper: Marshall's {similar HERE}
Shoes: Old from a boutique, I love these 

Did you have a wonderful Mother's Day celebration over the weekend!? I hope so! We celebrated the day by visiting St. Armand's Circle, a favorite shopping area of ours located down in Sarasota. They have a Lilly Pulitzer, touristy t-shirt stores, ice cream shops, and fancy restaurants. Oh, and a Starbucks which came in handy when I needed a refreshing iced tea.

My go-to color is anything blue, and my Marshall's romper could not be more fitting. I wore this outfit for my sister's graduation dinner last weekend, so apologies for the late posting! I am still trying to figure out how to post high quality images that won't shrink the it takes longer to edit these photos. 

Of course I am nonstop wearing my fave Ettika choker necklace. It has bits of rose gold and white stone all around it. If you use the coupon code "affordablebyamanda" once you pick out a necklace for yourself, you will instantly save 15% off!!! I really can't stop wearing mine, so it was a good investment piece to purchase. 

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Easy Plaid Romper

This is another look from the past weekend. I'm wearing the cutest plaid romper that I bought at Urban Outfitters for $10. I had it tucked away for the perfect sunny day and Sunday was just that!
I also am loving my new pom pom earrings...I've been seeing them everywhere from places like BaubleBar and also Off 5th. These earrings come in so many colors, but I started out with the white pair to see if I love them, and I ended up wearing them ALL weekend long!

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Forever 21 Ribbed Dress for $12.90 Weekend Look

Outfit Details:
Sunglasses: Steve Madden similar at Nordstrom for $12 || 

It's time to stock up on new ((cheap!)) spring dresses!! 

What better way to introduce this outfit is by telling you that THIS DRESS is under $13! I am always on the hunt for easy throw on pieces, and this rust-colored dress caught my eye while shopping in Forever 21. Since it matches my JACKS so well, I had to pair the two together for this weekend look walking around local markets and businesses alike. 

This past weekend was especially wonderful because my younger sister graduated from her university! I am so beyond proud of her accomplishments and now she is off to South Africa to keep living her dreams out in the real world. 

There will be plenty of outfit looks from the weekend (where I hopefully look a tad bit tanner, thanks to my friends Jergens and St. Tropez), so stay tuned for more to come!


Mother's Day With L'Occitane

 Amande Hand And Nail Care

 Amande Supple Skin Oil

Shower Gel With Almond Oil (smells SO good!)


"What To Get For Your Mom On Mother's Day?" is a tough question when considering how important a Mother figure is in your life. There's the easy way--grabbing a gift card to her favorite restaurant or clothing store--or there's a way to pamper her with tons of beauty items! I've partnered with L'Occitane (which happens to be one of my Mom's favorite places to buy hand cream from!) to share with you a few heavenly options for your Mom this year!

As we approach Mother's Day, I want to share a few important beauty lessons my Mom passed down to me over the years. She is a lover of applying moisturizer and never forgets to lather thick creams onto her face before going to bed each night! This must be her secret to amazing skin, haha! In comparison to me, the beauty fanatic, my Mom is soo much more simplistic. 

Seriously, she never has to leave the house with an ounce of makeup on and she always looks amazing! I am so glad she feels confident in herself to not have to worry about applying layers of makeup every day. She pulls off the "swipe of mascara and go" approach. One more beauty ritual she has kept over the years is NEVER leave the house without some bold peachy lipstick.

I'm a huge fan of gift sets. Why buy just one item when you can get a few more thrown in the mix for only a few more bucks? The Decadent Almond Gift Set has a value of over $100 and is on sale right now for just $74. The beauty of this gift set is that the items are packaged in a floral printed box that makes presentation a breeze! 

I am so thankful for my Mom..she is the best lady I know and deserves this gift set to keep moisturizing her skin on a regular basis! Give the special women in your life a beauty kit like this one so she can feel the love.


Thank you L'Occitane for partnering with me on this post! All opinions are my own. 

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