Simple Striped Tank + White Boyfriend Shorts

Yes, I have a stripes obsession. It's a well known fact that over 60% of my clothes have stripes all over them, but hey, it doesn't bother me! Of course, I had to add THIS TANK to my growing collection because what's an obsession without excess!? Haha. At least stripes are timeless and will never go out of style. That is something I remind myself each and every time I pick up another striped piece of clothing.

I need to tell you about my white BOYFRIEND SHORTS, too. The ones I have on and just under $30 and have been in my closet for a few years now, because they LAST! Old Navy is one of my favorite places to pick up shorts at. Nevermind the crazy J.Crew prices when Old Navy sells some pretty amazing ones if I do say so myself. 

American Eagle Ruffle Eyelet Tank (ON SALE!)

Shoes:  Cheetah Print Sandals {Similar Dolce Vita}

I hope you are having a great week so far! I've been nonstop working on blog posts and doing some freelance writing on the side, so I am looking forward to the weekend ahead! I already have some plans to go to the mall and I am having my first professional photo-shoot on Sunday, so I am super excited for that to take place. I am going to be sharing some looks in collaboration with an online retailer, Tobi, so look out for those to be in future blog posts next week.

Onto my outfit today! This American Eagle tank is soo cute for the summer ahead. I love the breezy eyelet cut-out it has and the shade is a different color for me. I need to incorporate more purple in my wardrobe and I definitely needed this top for that reason! Right now the top I have on is also on sale at AMERICAN EAGLE for under $30! Of course no outfit is complete without a gold sparkly choker and pom pom earrings because those are two HUGE trends of the moment. 

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Mascara & Coffee Tee Under $7

Good Monday morning! This past weekend started early on Thursday night when I attended an event with Ship Chic, local Tampa boutique, and my lovely friend Sarah Hunt to celebrate the start of summer. I had never been to Ship Chic before and my best friend and I drove out to Tampa for the evening. She even ended up winning her own gorgeous pair of Lisi Lerch Beaded Tassel Earrings

This T-SHIRT from Old Navy is super cheap at under $7 right now! I love graphic tees and this cute one is so easy to throw on for the summer. I also am wearing some shorts that I ordered from I loved the shorts from the set but the top was too big on me. I made an entire review on my Romwe purchases in THIS POST

Also! If you haven't already checked it out, I wanted to let you know that I am giving away FREE custom whitening trays in partnership with Smile Brilliant. Just CLICK HERE to enter.   


At Home Teeth Whitening For Tea Drinkers

Hello, friends! I was fortunately approached by a teeth whitening company called Smile Brilliant who wanted to collaborate together a few weeks ago. I started my teeth whitening journey with Smile Brilliant because I want a brighter smile that requires little effort and leaves great results. I drink a TON of tea which tastes delicious, but it also stains my teeth, leaving behind dark marks that stick to precious enamel.

In the past, I've tried tons of teeth whitening strips that just get super messy and smell awful! I've used every name brand whitening strip out there, but they all fall down my teeth and make me feel nauseous after using them. They also never truly extract the stains from my teeth out quite like the way I want.

So far I am loving my experience and wanted to share the process so you can get started today if you also want to achieve a brighter smile. I will detail every step of the process with you in today's edition of Affordable by Amanda so you can understand how my experience with Smile Brilliant has been changing my teeth over time.

Keep reading because I also have an exciting GIVEAWAY !! where you can win your own custom whitening trays!!

 Step 1:

Inside the box of goodies that you are sent in the mail are some teeth molding trays, and three catalyst and base containers to form your unique molds! You are also sent a few tubes of Teeth Whitening Gel (orange) and Desensitizing Gel (purple). 

 Step 2:

To begin making molds of your UPPER and LOWER teeth, you first need to gather one container of CATALYST and mix it with one container of the BASE puddy. It is important to do one set of teeth at a time and leave the tray in your mouth for at least 2 minutes 30 seconds. I used a timer on my phone and had my sister snap some hilarious photos of me forming my teeth trays!

Step 3:

Once your trays have formed molds on both your UPPER and LOWER teeth, you will send them away so your individual whitening trays will be formed in a lab. 

Here is a look at my teeth trays, the convenient carrying case they are stored in, and two of the whitening gel and desensitizing gel tubes!

You are also sent a few tubes of Teeth Whitening Gel (orange) and Desensitizing Gel (purple). 

Having custom fit trays really improves the whitening process, in my opinion. I have never tried using trays before, but now I am hooked. Creating your own trays that will fit every curve and edge of your unique set of teeth will ensure that ALL of your teeth are being whitened!

In this photo, I have my teeth whitening trays in! However, there is no limit to what I can do #whileiwhiten. 

On this particular day I had some time to shoot some blog photos, so I kept my trays in for an hour while I captured some shots. What's so neat about the Smile Brilliant trays are that they can be kept in your mouth for 45 minutes to up to 3 hours, so it's OK if you leave them in for a while.

What else do I do #whileIwhiten? Watch Netflix, of course! I simply get comfy in my bed and play a few episodes of Shameless, which are 45 minutes long, and relax while the gel goes to work on making my teeth sparkle!

If you want to read up about Smile Brilliant and how they deliver high-quality vegan and cruelty-free gel ingredients to enhance your teeth whitening experience in the safest way possible, make sure to READ up about their FAQs! 

Ok, now onto the FUN PART! Thank you again for reading my teeth whitening experience with Smile Brilliant. I want to give my lovely readers a chance to WIN their own set of CUSTOM TRAYS!

And if you want a 5% off coupon code enter this: affordablebyamanda10 at checkout!

*Thank you so much to Smile Brilliant for working with me on this post! All opinions stated are my own. 

Forever 21 Palm Print Dress + Pink Pom-Pom Earrings

More palm prints for me! This FOREVER 21 dress is perfect for your summertime events. I adore this dress so much because it has tropical swirls of pink and green in it which compliment my hot pink POM-POM earrings perfectly. Not only do I love this dress, but I have to point out another DEAL in this outfit post. My CHOKER is less than $4.00 and it looks like one that YouTuber Aspyn Ovard wears all the time (photo below)! When I found it I had to share because I've been looking for one that is inexpensive, and this is IT. 

Summer Home Decor: $50 & Under

Home Decor Under $50!

FROM LEFT: Marika Floral Melamine Dinner Plates, $12 || Succulent Painting, $35
Woven Round Rattan Basket, Target $25 || MINTED Reach Painting, $31+
Pineapple Throw Pillow, $20 Nordstrom Rack || Copper Magazine Rack, $18.99 Nordstrom Rack 
Marble Pillow, $29 / Darker Marble Pillow, $29

The colors in this home decor inspiration look are my favorites right now--blush pink and gray with pops of copper. Like any trendy millennial, I love MARBLE things, too. For this summer I also have my eye on palm prints, and this cute PINEAPPLE PILLOW is just what I need to add to my bed.

In other news, I started growing my own succulent plants (pray that I don't kill them just yet!) and this SUCCULENT print is perfectly coordinated to match my room decor with its mixture of pink and green. My current room design also has some copper elements incorporated, so I may have to purchase this MAGAZINE RACK for $19 at Nordstrom Rack to store more things on.

I hope you get inspired by these cheap home decor picks!

Little White Dress

Outfit Details:

Bag: Natural Woven Backpack || Straw Tote (OLD NAVY $25)

There is nothing more summertime appropriate than a simple white dress! This one is an old favorite from GAP, but there are always new white dresses for the summer and I love THIS ONE from Forever 21. White is also a great color to wear when its over 100 degrees outside, like it has been in Florida all last month. 

Have you seen the newest woven bag craze? I keep checking my Instagram and I have seen two different basket styles. THIS Nordstrom pick is under $35! I also love this one that says "Summer Daze" and is only $49. I am trying to find some great dupes for the expensive woven bags that I keep looking at in my feed! The CULT GAIA natural acrylic bag is almost $125, but I am on the hunt for a less expensive one.