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What I Wore to The Vinoy Club in St. Petersburg, Florida

Outfit Details:

Hello, friends!

I hope you all had a fun weekend. These past few days, my family came down to visit from New York for some fun in the sun. I'm so glad they picked such a great time to visit, as the temps here in Florida were in the mid-80s all week long... I wore my new Ray-Ban SUNNIES all day long, too. We spent the days at their hotel which was conveniently located right along the Gulf of Mexico...We hung out by the cabanas, enjoyed some snacks by the pool, and explored the beauty that is my hometown of St. Petersburg. If you follow along on Instagram, you can see everything we were up to! Don't miss out on the sunsets and drinks, be sure to check out my Insta Stories from time to time. 

SPRING is seriously closer than ever right now, and I'm saying that because of all the pollen collecting outside my front door, yikes! However, that means I am able to switch over my entire wardrobe to start wearing all of the cute summer pieces I can't wait to style. I've purchased quite a few new things to put together...Speaking of spring pieces, I think a pair of RUFFLE TIE FRONT PANTS is the first fun and trendy articles of clothing you should try out for yourself this year! Mine and affordable at $25

Walking around the city on Sunday morning after enjoying brunch, I received so many compliments on my look while wearing these pants and TOP. I love the flirty ruffles and they sway in the wind as you walk. The blush tones in this monochromatic look matched perfectly with the Vinoy Hotel as my backdrop. Their newly renovated restaurant called Paul's Landing just opened up! I haven't eaten there just yet, but I know I will soon enough. I can't wait to spend time on the weekends lounging by the pool and enjoying some meals from Paul's Landing in the next couple of months. 

P.S -- Did you notice my TAN SKIN?! No, it's not from the sun! 
I'm always 100% porcelain year-round {thanks, Irish genetics ;) }but in the summer I like to add a little color to my white complexion. THIS STUFF is my secret weapon to glowy, tan skin. It's worth the investment if you are searching for a tanning product that is natural and easy to use! Oh, and it takes just 2 hours to look bronzed for WEEKS. I highly recommend it as my go-to TANNING MOUSSE

The Florida sunshine can't be beaten! 
How are you spending the next few weeks? Any travel plans? 
Let me know in the comments!


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  1. I used to live in Tampa and would love spending weekends in St. Pete! I have never been to the Vinoy, though. I am so jealous of this warm weather look and your day by the pool!