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How to Style a Floppy Hat + Striped Swimsuit from Target at St. Pete Beach, Florida

Beach Details:

That drawer full of bathing suits I have in my room right now? Well, it's STUFFED to capacity! 

There is no print left behind in my drawer...I have everything from polka dots to palm prints inside! You just never know what kind of swimsuit mood you'll be in, ha!

As a Florida beach girl, I have an addiction to buying brand new swimsuits every single summer to celebrate the beginning of the season. So my motto is: new summer, new swimwear! I mean, who can deny the cute new suits to hit the shelves?! Don't let me into a Forever 21 or Target because I promise I'll leave with at least one new suit!

TARGET is one of my absolute go-to places to shop for swimsuits! Not only are they affordable, but they are made from quality materials that stretch and mold to fit your shape. Target also offers new swimsuits in all sizes, including a plus-size section so every woman can feel confident striding around on the beach wearing the latest trends. 

This striped high waist swim combo has a mix of orange, turquoise, and shimmers of gold!
I chose a medium size bottom and a top in 36B. I love how Target has SUCH a wide variety so you can go to the fitting room and find your perfect fit, woo!

Notice the fun zig-zag cutouts on the sides of the bottoms? This suit has everything you need to beat the heatwaves this summer. Of course, you also need to browse through Target for a suit of your own as they are usually priced for under $30!!

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