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Why You Need To Add Pink To Your Spring Wardrobe

Outfit Details:

All the pink feels in today's post! 

Notice the backdrop? It's the famous Don Ce Sar Hotel located on St. Pete Beach. It's one of my favorite spots to hang out, as I said in my Ultimate Guide to St. Pete the other day...
If you haven't already looked into my guide, I highly recommend it! 

I also borrowed their bathroom to showcase my Alba Botanica skincare favorites! Don't miss those helpful tips to keep your skin in tip-top shape during the hot summertime ahead.

There is SO much fun stuff to do no matter how long you plan on staying in the city for. Staying overnight at the Don is on my list, but also discussed plenty of hotels on a budget. I've listed some pretty amazing restaurants you must investigate for yourself once you arrive in town for the weekend. 

They made some serious renovations to the hotel and it's never looked better. I love showing off my favorite places in town, and with an all pink look, I had to come here. 

Speaking of pink, notice my STRIPED TANK TOP? It's actually marked down 25% off over on J.Crew.Com if you want to check it out. 

The top ties on your shoulders for a super easy top that you can wear while out to the beach, for sure. The matching shorts are also on sale, but I chose against purchasing those shorts and went with some frilly WHITE EYELET ones instead! I liked the contrast of the pink with the eyelet print way too much.

Next, let's talk about...slip-on sneakers!!!

Basically, my new favorite shoes are the slip-on kind. Rocket Dog sent me these comfortable slip-on sneakers a few months back and I pulled them out for this look. 

I just felt so comfortable wearing this entire look. I'm excited to continue bringing some more lively pink tones into my daily outfits because pink just fills me with so much JOY. I used to hardly wear it, and now I'm embracing the vibrant and girly color and finding PINK places like the Don Ce Sar Hotel to match me, ha!

Easily shop this widget full of outfit items below! Click the image to be taken to the retailer. 

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  1. I love love /love/ the pink trend!!! I think it's perfect for the spring/summer and brings out the warm tones that are so popular on instagram right now :)