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5 Blogging Tips I Learned from Gal Getaway: The Conference 2018

Gal Getaway: The Conference was held on this past Thursday, June 14th. I was looking forward to attending this event for creatives in Lake Mary, Florida, for the last couple of weeks because I’ve recently attended the last few AMAZING events hosted by Kahlea Nicole, a Florida blogger, influencer, and entrepreneur.

I woke up early on Thursday morning and drove to my local Starbucks to grab a venti iced green tea and bagel for my two-hour drive along I-4. I am not a morning person, but I was ready and awake at 5:45 am because I could not WAIT to enter the conference hall and start chatting with tons of hardworking ladies!

Usually, I am a quiet introvert by nature who loves to keep to herself (I live on Netflix, people!), yet when I attend Gal Getaway events my extroverted self comes alive!

After hitting just a little bit of traffic in Orlando, as expected for a Thursday morning, I finally arrived at Noah’s Event Venue in time to mingle with some of the girls I had previously met from other events this year.

I enjoyed a coffee from Made Coffee, a delicious local St. Pete brew of cold-brew iced coffee, and found a cup of overnight oats to snack on until the rest of the girls starting filing into the main event space to listen to the first speakers.

Photo Credit: Faith Danielle Photo

These extremely intelligent girl bosses were able to connect with all of us at the conference to inspire us to continue chasing our dreams, just like they did!

These talented ladies got to where they are now because of hard work, creativity, passion, and determination.
To pursue blogging careers, these women provided us with immense background on how they were able to take their experiences as business owners.

These are the TOP FIVE BLOGGING TIPS I gathered from my day spent at Gal Getaway: The Conference so read on to discover how you can craft better content as an influencer with the help I provide in this blog post:

1. Be Consistent With Your Brand

The Bloguettes taught us how important consistent branding is to your business. They focus on brand identity development and brand strategy are two of their main components to create a solution that is revolutionary.

Sakura Considine and Lorena Garcia are the women behind The Bloguettes. The two women behind The Bloguettes are responsible for building a business to elevate your digital presence with hands-on workshops and templates galore.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, the team at Bloguettes can help you design your own brand story. You truly gain a valuable business partner once you sign up to develop your online brand identity.

A few key takeaways from their time at the conference:

“Discipline and consistently will boost your brand.”

“Be authentic and vulnerable. To connect with human beings it’s important to always show up and be yourself.”

“The right branding will sell everything.”

So many people neglect to pay attention to their branding.

The colors you pick, the fonts you choose, and the message behind your brand motto reflect your business.

It’s important to have a brand image that represents who you are as a person, too. There is nobody else in the world who has a story like your story to show people what you have to offer them by injecting your own pizzazz into your brand!

“Focus on the things you can see-- the voice and tone of your message. How do you want to make people feel?”

“The visual and non-visual aspect of branding. All of those things can make you stand out. The little details matter.”

2. Solve a Problem for People

Lindsey Eryn, a total California chick a heart, started her own design studio and was invited to the conference to teach us about the heart and soul of her entrepreneurship journey.

Here are Lindsey's own words about solving problems for others with your skills:

“Put value to what you are doing. Don't be afraid of value.”

“Be proud of things you make that are valuable. Exchanging value with money is how you quantify that.”

“Solve a problem for people. Don't feel guilty for someone else's problem.”

“Time is money so be sure to charge for the time it takes for you to create your masterpiece or else you are losing money. Creativity doesn't have a price tag but it's priceless. People are hiring you for the shortcut.”

Create content to help solve a problem for others. Solve everyday problems for people: whether you explore the world of fashion, food, home decor, or beauty.

3. Start a YouTube Channel

Another inspirational speaker attending the conference was Callie Rojewski, founder of Callie & Co.

She also started her own YouTube channel recently and has been uploading new content every week. She is a full-time freelancer and has a vision to teach people how to pursue work they care about.

She has a passion for entrepreneurship and she loves to talk about her journey to inspire other people to start their own careers.

Callie understands how to implement effective tips for other entrepreneurs to soak up through her YouTube channel.

She goes on to explain:

“Branding is in the small details. Build your brand around yourself. Create a persona to humanize your brand to determine what's on brand and what's not.”

4. Choose How You Want to Be Portrayed on Instagram

The Doyenne’s leading ladies, Maghan Morin and Jeanine Suah, created their community-building agency together in the St. Pete area to help people keep retention rates with interactive workshops.

“What to achieve from Instagram? You have control over what people say about you. How you want people to talk about you.”

Instagram continues to change as a platform and it’s hard to keep up with the times. Mastering the art of Instagram takes time and you won’t see a lot of dramatic changes until you post on a regular basis.

You shouldn’t be afraid to show off your personality.

Kahlea is a great example of that! She posts her beautifully curated photos on her feed where she looks like a supermodel and backs it up with some seriously hilarious Instagram Stories. Show off what makes you unique and special so more people can connect with who you are as a PERSON.

A concept The Doyenne ladies explained was:

“You're going to figure it out because you have to figure it out.”

Another piece of valuable advice from these two rockstar St. Pete businesswomen is that you will have to figure it out because you have to figure it out.

When it comes to paying bills and finding people to network with, you will be forced to get out of your comfort zone to MAKE. IT. HAPPEN!

There is no perfect recipe for success. You have to start somewhere and the rest will follow. There will be times when you can’t afford everything on your wishlist, but consider that a necessary step to get you ahead in the future.

5. Is Attending a Conference Worth It?

If you are interested in connecting with like-minded goal-driven millennials, then I highly recommend you join in on all the excitement to be had at the Gal Getaway Conference.  

Not only was the event a time to learn how to hone in on my own craft, but it turned into a wonderful way to meet other beautiful ladies who have the motivation to create their own businesses right now.

Yes, you should attend the Gal Getaway events if you are forging your own path in the social media world and want to engage with people just like you in a comfortable environment.

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