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How to Style an Urban Outfitters Button-Down Linen Dress (Under $60!)

Outfit Details:

Button-front dresses continue to take me back to the greatest 90s fashion trends that are SO nostalgic!
This strappy linen dress from URBAN OUTFITTERS is under $60 and comes in quite a few colors, not just purple. White, black and purple and in all sizes, too. 

Sorry, yellow, but now I'm cheating on you with PURPLE! Ha!

I wanted to find something to wear with my new PURPLE KNOTTED MULES, and this dress was the right one. 

Of course, I am planning on mixing the mules in with more than just dresses. I'm going to wear them with a pair of denim jeans and crisp white top soon, too. I love wearing basic outfits and drawing attention to the shoes I have on. For the mules, I sized down and went with a 9 1/2 at Target.

I hope you had the chance to read my last post discussing everything I learned from the Gal Getaway Conference because I am still buzzing after the event! Read the entire post HERE.

It's not every day that I drive somewhere to meet up with a bunch of amazing blogger babes to talk about cameras, the influencer industry, and how to grow your brand. 

I left with a full stomach (thanks to lots of Made coffee + PDQ!) and tons of motivation to post more high-quality content to show young women how they can afford a cute and trendy wardrobe!

Are you into purple for summer this year? 
Let me know your favorite color in the comments!



  1. I'm loving your earrings!


    1. Thanks so much Eva! They are inexpensive too at just $12.99!
      XO Amanda

  2. I love the dress! I also love the vintage-esque filter of your pictures!
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