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June 01, 2018

Top 4 Must-Have Editing Apps for Instagram

Need to figure out how to edit your blog pictures in a pinch?

Looking to edit your images on the go, using your phone?

Keep reading to discover how YOU can become your own professional photo editor with these simple apps!

Taking great photos is one thing, but how about the next steps it takes to really BOOST your photos to look their absolute best?

I've been on a journey with my photo editing process over the last few years. 
Of course, some of my favorite apps are VSCO, Snapseed, Facetune, and more recently, Lightroom.

Here are the must-have editing apps you need to make your Instagram look cohesive and pretty!


VSCO has been one of my most-used apps to date. This app allows you the creative freedom to up the exposure of your image, add multiple filters, increase highlights, decrease shadows, sharpen images, and more!

My favorite VSCO filters to use are:
04, C5-C9, HB2

VSCO editing is also easy to follow. You upload your photos and start playing with the settings until you find a style that works for you. Another tip is to look up VSCO edits on Pinterest. I will search for "VSCO editing" and will find dozens of options to try out on my own pics!

You can also plan out your photos for the future using VSCO. The photos can be downloaded to your phone or you can keep the photos in the app itself and upload them straight to Instagram.


Another wonderful tool in my editing arsenal is Snapseed.

This app gives me the ability to adjust the "curves" of my photos where I can change the brightness of the entire image.

I also love tweaking my photos with the "tonal contrast" tool to really accentuate the details of my image. Adding a grainy film to my photos is also a fun editing idea! I will add it to roughly +20 until it looks like a total vintage photo.


Facetune has everything you'd need to correct pesky pimples, smooth out your skin, and make the entire image look sharp!

Airbrushing your skin can happen in a snap with Facetune as a tool on your phone. Of course, you don't want to over-do it to the point where you don't look like yourself!

I love using the "detail" tool to make a certain clothing piece pop.


One of the MOST used photo editing apps has to be Lightroom.

Right now I don't think I can scroll through my Insta feed without seeing at least one or two "Lightroom Presets" from Jaci Marie, Tezza, or Aspyn Ovard!

Lightroom presets are really cool, I admit it. It's a form of editing that transforms your picture from dull to vibrant no matter what presets you choose!

However, more people are selling their own versions of preset packs and I just can't get myself to spend $50-100 on editing when I can attempt to find a cheaper solution...


You are going to freak out when I explain HOW I AM ABLE TO EDIT IN LIGHTROOM without buying ANY expensive presets!

Ok, here it goes!

  1. Go to YouTube
  2. Find Tiny Tutorials
  3. Look through the "How to Edit Like XX" options
  4. Find the type of preset style you love!
  5. Follow the instructions mentioned in the video
  6. Open the link and save the file to your Dropbox on your mobile device
  7. Go to your Dropbox account and look for a file with ".dng"
  8. Click the 3 dots in the corner of the photo and "Export to Lightroom"

Once you've downloaded the ".dng" file to Lightroom, press "Copy Settings" option on the image. Make sure to copy the ENTIRE thing!

Then press "Paste Settings"

Voila! Your image will have the same effects as the one that looks like Jaci Marie's!

For Lightroom on Mobile, you will need to download the app to your respective app store. I pay $9.99 per month to use the app, or you can pay a one-time fee. 

I do find myself using Lightroom over and over again to edit all of my photos, both for my blog and for Instagram. 

The choices Lightroom offers a photo editor can't be beaten. 

From fine-tuning the colors to tweaking the temperature, everything you could ever want to do to your photo can happen in Lightroom! It's no wonder why so many professionals love this app for mobile and desktop!

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I hope this post helps you figure out your own individual editing style! 
If you ever need help, please leave me a comment below or shoot me a DM on my Instagram! 
I'd love to discuss :)

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