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Dressing for the Heat in Florida

I'm a seasoned veteran when it comes to battling the 100 degree days here in sunny Florida. 

As a native to the St. Pete area, I've grown up hanging out by the beach and applying thick coats of sunscreen to my skin every hour. Of course, all of this valuable experience in the sunshine means I am an expert who understands exactly how to beat the heat this summer. 

August just started and it's the hottest month out of the entire year, so get ready to read some great tips to stay cool as the temps rise:

1. Wear Cotton Fabrics

My first piece of advice to beat the heat? Wear everything cotton! This super lightweight material was made for this time of the year. When you feel completely overheated from the sun, you'll thank me later because you decided to put on cotton clothing. 

Organic cotton continues to be one of the best fabrics you can wear in the summertime. Instead of opting for itchy polyester blends, choose the cotton life over anything else to feel at ease until summer ends. Cotton will also feel incredibly soft to the touch. 

2. Wear Loose-Fitting Clothing

Another tip for beating the heat in August is to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing. 

You don't want to feel constricted this time of year in a tight-fitted body-con dress or a tight pair of jeans, am I right? Find an excuse to pull out the lazy clothes that are just a tad too big for you right now. This is finally your excuse to wear bigger clothing! 

Loose-fitting clothing also alleviates the embarrassment of sweating through all of your favorites staple items. The loose clothing you wear will also be a nice fashion statement if you choose shirts with cute floral patterns to pair with your go-to denim cut-offs!

3. Look for Clothing with Moisture-Wicking Properties

If you plan on spending a couple of hours in the week doing yard work, consider investing in some moisture-wicking t-shirts or shorts. 

The best options are shirts that feature anti-microbial factors, too. The anti-microbial fabrics will also keep you smelling great and staying fresh all day long no matter how much time you spend outdoors. 

The latest trend of blending athleisure into our daily lives continues to strike a chord with stylish American women. I mean, don't we all own at least one pair of Lululemon workout pants by this point in fashion history?

It's no longer unacceptable in society to wear comfortable stretchy pants, so in the summer go for this trend in order to look great and dress smartly this August. 

4. Wear Light Colors

One final piece of advice to beat the heat this August is to dress wearing light colors. The lighter, the better! Nobody wants to wear dark black clothing during the hottest season of the year. 

Choose pretty colors like beige, tan, white, gray, green, blue, and baby pink. Save your darker shades for the fall and winter season. 

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