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September 25, 2018

A Day in the Life As a Lifestyle Blogger

Ever wonder what I'm up to on a daily basis as a fashion and lifestyle blogger? 

I hope so! 

I'm also intrigued by people's daily schedules. 

We all have our own unique daily routines!

Well, my weeks do change depending on my content calendar, but this routine is pretty much true all year round!

Here is a look into "a day in the life" of a fashion and lifestyle blogger. 

8:30 am

I wake up around 8:30 am during the weekdays. This is the perfect time for me to stretch and get ready for the day ahead. I am not a morning person, but I try to get up and physically out of bed by 9 on most mornings.

As I'm waking up, I check my phone to see anything I missed during the night. Usually, this consists of late night Instagram comments or e-mails. I will try to respond to the urgent messages, but if I can help it I turn away from my phone until I'm ready with an outfit and makeup completed.

9:15 am

I do my morning routine around 9:15 am. I put on my face of makeup: foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and concealer.

I don't feel like myself until I have my makeup on! Then comes to the difficult decision of choosing what to wear for the day. If I have a photoshoot planned, I will throw on my most complication outfit first to get that over with.

10:00 am

By 10:00 am I am set to enjoy breakfast and make myself a cup of chai. I love drinking chai lattes no matter what the weather is like. I will brew up my chai, add some almond milk, and return back to my desk upstairs in my bedroom where I set up my laptop and phone for the day. 

10:15 am

I am scrolling through Instagram at this point in time checking out the photos I missed from the night before. I only follow a select few bloggers who I absolutely LOVE so I can actively keep up with their lives and interact with them on social media. 

Therefore, I can leave genuine comments on their photos to tell them hello and pop over to say how much I am digging their content! Instagram is a huge component of my influencer life and I must take a few hours in my day to leave comments and like their images, not just because I adore them, but because it boosts overall engagement. 

11:00 am

I work a few content creating jobs, so I have to find time to multitask! I love starting my morning out by writing an article for The Hoth, an SEO company based here in St. Petersburg, Florida. I will complete one to two articles for The Hoth in the morning because those articles take more time and research. 

12:30 pm

At lunchtime I will typically go out to Starbucks or another local cafe, like Kahwa, to pick up a bite to eat. Kahwa has delicious croissant sandwiches with cheese and turkey, I usually grab one of those through their drive up window. 

Or of course, there is always my beloved Chick-fil-A around the corner from my house! Or Publix, too. I have a lot of options for lunch, haha!

I try to pause and take my lunch break without touching social media. This is hard, trust me! However, I am learning to enjoy my moments of solitude more often. I spend so much of my life on my phone and it's important to take a step back once in a while. 

I love going on a walk at this time, too. Unless it's freaking hot outside, LOL. I breathe in the fresh air and remember my goals for the week. I enjoy figuring out how to balance my moments of peace with my moments of hard work. Both are necessary to be successful in life!

1:30 pm

After lunch, it's back to work! At this point, I will answer e-mails in my Gmail Inbox. I will also check on my current campaigns listed on my favorite influencer website platforms. At most given times I have between 3-5 ongoing campaigns. Sometimes I have more in the works, it depends! 

I make sure all of this information is up to date and complete for my ongoing campaigns. I answer and respond to any questions my managers have in regards to the content I am posting for the campaigns. 

I write down in my content calendar the due dates for the campaigns, too. I try to create a helpful posting schedule so I can visualize when I need to put up a certain blog or Instagram image.

3:00 pm

Chai time once again! I thrive with two or three daily doses of caffeine. I will brew my afternoon cup of chai with a splash of my favorite almond milk and two packets of sugar. Then it's on to my next stages of content creating, taking photos!

Typically I take photos in the afternoon when I have completed a lot of online work. I use my Sony A6000 camera and organize the four to five outfits I need to shoot for upcoming blog posts. This includes everything from shoes down to necklaces! I pack an entire bag FULL of stuff and load it into my car for the afternoon. 

Taking photos is a process that will last me a few hours. I need to find a gorgeous shoot location while driving around town. Also, my lovely sister is with me in the car as she is forced to be my designated photographer (no worries, I compensate her!). 

I head to Historic Central Avenue and Downtown St. Pete to find some pretty locations with flowers and lots of greenery because those are two significant aspects I look for to create backgrounds for all of my Instagram photos. 

5:30 pm

Time to call it quits on the photoshoot and grab some well-deserved dinner! 

My sister and I have been obsessing over the latest restaurant addition to come to St. Pete, Zoe's Kitchen! I often ate at Zoe's when I attended FSU for school and was thrilled to discover a new one along 4th street in my hometown. 

This Greek restaurant is where we will take time out to unwind and I check over some of the images we shot during the afternoon. 

6:30 pm

In the evening, I spend time uploading content from my camera to my laptop. Then I will take the images and send them over to my phone to edit them using my Lightroom app. I apply my presets and send them back to my laptop via Google Drive. I will take the images and plan out my blog posts for the week!

I also use Canva to create images (similar to the image found in this blog post) to insert in most of my blog posts where "advice" or "tips" are given. I love creating these Canva images because they do wonders for my traffic on Pinterest. I also spend time pinning images from old blog posts onto my Pinterest account. 

8:00 pm

I post on my Instagram for the day at 8:00 pm! Then I will stay online for the next two hours interacting with the comments left on my photo and adding updates to my Instagram Stories section. 

9:00 pm

I shower and get ready to unwind around 9:00 pm. I try (unsuccessfully, let's be honest) to work out at home doing yoga via YouTube or I will go for a night run. I am attempting to amp up my workout schedule because right now I don't have one that is consistent by any means. 

Exercise can lower your stress levels and is great for combating my anxiety, so I need to find more time in the day to devote an hour or two to work out! 

10:00 pm

Netflix and CHILL time! I watch some Netflix shows or YouTube, check up on Instagram, FaceTime with my friends, respond to my Hinge matches ( ;) LOL ) and get ready to fall into a deep sleep. I do a face mask a few times a week, too. My favorite masks are the Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Purifying Black Mud Mask and the Indian Clay Healing Mask.

11:30 pm

Time to SLEEP! After brushing my teeth and taking off my face mask, I am finally ready to sleep. I will shut down my computer and plug in my phone to charge overnight. I set the ringer off and put it on do not disturb mode. 

Then it's time to fall asleep until I wake up and repeat this routine all over again!

Some days look different than others. 

For example, if I have an event to attend, I will need to find other days to shoot photos or I will use the event as a way to shoot my necessary images! I also stop by my favorite boutiques to pick up some new outfits to style once or twice per week in the evening. 

What does your schedule look like?


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  2. You have such a good way to ease into the day, that's so nice!! What a great schedule!



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